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framed|Mark of Qurad

Male Khinasi Wizard 8/ Scholar 4; CR 12
Wizard of Undermålsrike
unknown Lineage
Major Bloodline of Basaïa, 38
CN Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 57/16
Init +2
Languages Basarji, Rjuven

AC , touch , flatfooted
Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed 30 ft
Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)
Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)
Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 17, Wis 16, Cha 12
Skills: Survival
Special Qualities: Alertness, Divine Wrath, Resistance (minor)
Description: 5'11", 175 lbs, 37 years old, striking appearance
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framed|Qurad al-Din

Typical Dialogue:


Qurad al-Din (sometimes spelt Quirad al-Dinn) is the Wizard of Undermålsrike. He is married to Anneke Rokusdotter, daughter of the Eorl of Nalhorske.

Qurad began his studies as an apprentice to Boran ibn Farid in Adaba. He was an apt student, often praised by his teacher. When the day came for Qurad to begin his pilgrimage to the Temple of Rilni and swear the Five Oaths, he bundled up a few possessions and left his master's home. However, he balked at the prospect of taking the oaths, and on a ruse of going on pilgrimage, he fled northwest to the Rjurik Highlands. This land, he knew, had no wizards, being suspicious of all arcane magic. A perfect opportunity for a renegade wizard.

As days grew into weeks and weeks into months, Qurad never arrived. Either something terrible had happened to the pilgrim, or he had fled the obligation to swear the oaths. Based on scrying attempts by his old master, Boran, it was clear that Qurad was elsewhere, alive, and well. Upon realizing the deception, the elders of the temple placed him under an immediate death sentence. Any time for mercy and supplication has long since passed. Were it not for his Alertness blood ability and his spells of illusion and alteration, he probably would have been found long ago.

When he arrived in the Taelshore in the Rjurik lands, he discovered that the realm of Rjuvik had seen Fulgar the Bold overthrow the King, Edvard Halvarsson. Suspecting Fulgar's need for arcane assistance, he approached the current king with an offer of mutual cooperation. Fulgar agreed in part, allowing Qurad to develop half the sources of the land, while granting the other half to a Brecht wizard, Adriala the Dark. Qurad might have supposed he could use Rjuvik as a base and expand into neighboring territories, but the druids of Erik are also attuned to the land and defend the sources from arcane interlopers.

Qurad has never been satisfied with how his arrangement worked out, but the prohibition against wizards in the Rjurik Highlands, and his own death mark have proved to be difficult obstacles to overcome, and he needs Fulgar's cooperation to prevent being driven off. He now lives in exile, envious of the rewards, respect, and position that Khinasi wizards achieve in his native Khinasi.

Qurad aids Fulgar as little as he can to keep the bandit king off his back. The king may be without the supreme powers of arcane magic, but he is not only mighty and cunning in his own right, but commands an army of spies and assassins would would be more than happy to drag his corpse back to Mairada and claim a reward. Even so, Qurad believes the day may come when Fulgar becomes weak and can be dispensed with as Qurad takes power.

However, Qurad's more immediate concern is his rival wizard, Adriala the Dark. While they leave one another alone for the most part, they have both been given only half of Rjuvik to exploit, and watch each other warily. Though neither has openly confronted one another, they do compete for materials, and cannot allow the other to become too close to Fulgar. Though Qurad would be loathe to admit it, he is smitten with Adriala and respects her power.

Qurad suffers from what the Khinasi call "mind-blindness". This deficiency can be described as an inability to develop an awareness of what is in the mind of another human. Other people are, for Qurad, only imperfect mirrors of himself. The more a person differs from Qurad, the more Qurad regards them as broken or defective people, unable to do what is reasonable or in their own interest. A code of selfless behavior, such as Haelyn's chivalry, or Ruornil's Five Oaths, strikes Qurad as a romantic foolishness or a veiled manipulation designed to control people.

*Gold-colored text above expands upon or conflicts with canon. It is a fun example of simple ways to alter the source material and tailor it to fit in a particular campaign. According to canon, al-dinn's teacher in Khinasi is unnamed and the specific oath he cannot bring himself to swear is one that forbids wizards to raise or speak with the dead. He IS a necromancer, after all. There is no mention of him having a wife, and his relationship with Adriala the Dark is that of sometimes-allies, sometimes-lovers, sometimes-rivals, and sometimes all three at once. There is nothing in canon to suggest a formal relationship exists between Quarad al-dinn and Fulgar the Bold other than to say that Fulgar tolerates Quarad and Adriala because they occasionally lend magical support in battle. Also, it seems that the above text that suggests Quarad plans to one day assume leadership of Fulgar's realm seems to contradict his detailed profile in the Book of Magecraft which states that Quarad views wizards with non-source holdings as being vulnerable to mundane forms of attack.

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