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[template]Navbox with columns rows
|name = Domaintable Rhuobhe
|state = uncollapsed
|title = [wiki]Rhuobhe[/wiki] domain table
|colstyle = text-align:center; padding: 0;
|gridsize = 5
|bodystyle = font-size: 88%
|col1header = [wiki]Province[/wiki]
|col2header = [wiki]Law[/wiki]
|col3header = [wiki]Temple[/wiki]
|col4header = [wiki]Guild[/wiki]
|col5header = [wiki]Source[/wiki]
|col1 = [b]Rhuobhe[/b] (2/9)
|col2 = Rh (2)
|col3 = -
|col4 = -
|col5 = Rh (9)
|below = [b]Abbreviations:[/b] Rh=[wiki="Rhuobhe Manslayer"]Rhuobhe the Elf[/wiki] ([wiki]Rhuobhe[/wiki])

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