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Arms of PechalinnArms of Pechalinn

The mountainous province of Pechailinn is populated by humans and dwarves. The dwarven community is lead by a Thane named Belvafik Greystone. His sister, Kilnuffa Greystone, is married to Albion Stoneaxe, the Count of Nietier.
Kerran, the lord of this hilly region, is a tall, thin man of 50 years or more. He has kept his military figure and often rides the border with his scouts. Unlike most of the other nobles of Tuornen, the Count of Pechalinn does not harbor a great hatred or rivalry for things Alamien. So far from Tuornen's eastern border, he considers Rhuobhe the only true enemy of Pechalinn.
Pechalinn produces everything one can find in Tuornen?s other northern provinces (gold, silver, coal, lumber), but in smaller quantities.
The province is sparsely populated due to fear of raids by the Manslayer. While Rhuobhe is better poised to descend upon Elevesnemiere, he has most often terrorized Pechalinn in recent decades. Perhaps its misty, fir-covered mountains are more dear to him, or perhaps he avoids the more heavily defended southern provinces. Regardless, Rhuobhe holds no greater power in Tuornen than he does here.
The two villages of Pechalinn each house no more than 100 permanent residents. However, the populations of both Merrel and Twin Pines fluctuate throughout the year as hopeful homesteaders pass through on their way west for cheap or even free land; after news of another massacre by Rhuobhe, half or more of them return east.

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