Relics: Orthodox Imperial Temple

The Orthodox Imperial Temple is the heir of the ancient Imperial Temple. Among its assets there many objects of art or magical items, created in its glorious past or given to the church by wealthy and noble houses, or in order to gain some kind of favour or as simple donations to the faith.

As result members of the OIT are used to have access to more magical items than priests of other faiths.

Some of the most (in)famous are:

The Hammer of Life: It's a small hammer finely crafted in ivory and pure steel. Scholars believe it was made by Haelyn himself since it had appeared in Aerele just after a few months the Allfather had already gifted the Book of Laws to the Anuireans. It's a magical hammer +1/+3 against undead and creatures from the Shadow World and the bearer, once a day, can cast Heal. One of the first priests of Haelyn, whose name is now forgotten, with this item personally saved the life of the Emperor Roele when, during the first years of his rule, was laying wounded and dying in the battlefield during a fight against the armies of some rebellious vassals in the Western Coast of Anuire.

The Balance of Truth and Justice: It is a small balance with one scale made of gold and the other made of silver. The bearer can determine how much the soul of the man he's interrogating is shifted away from the Orthodox belief. Note that the item has a little quirk: as a paragon it always takes the Orthodox belief of the bearer so if used by several priests it can lead to several results since in the hand in the most fanatical priest almost everyone examined could be a little heretic while under the usage of a more open minded priest its effects would be milder. As a secondary power, the bearer can Detect Lie at will. It was crafted by the OIT in the years following the preachings of Fitzalan, as a measure to looking for heresy among its flock. Why Haelyn decided to put such a quirk on the item, which can easily lead to bad consequences (such as the burning of innocent men), is a mistery kwown only to Him.

Haelyn's Banner: After the Battle of Mount Deismaar, Haelyn's Banner was brought from the field by his brother Roele Andu. Roele, at first not realising that his brother had ascended to godhood and instead believing him dead, set the banner over his throne room and declared "I will rebuild our clan and from it build a nation that will make my brother proud." Not long after unifying his familial clan Andu and driving the remnants of Azrai's army from their lands Roele received a vision from Haelyn in which the brothers discussed how to unite all the clans of the Andu and Haelyn asked Roele to give his banner to Hadrian, the first paladin of Anduiras to dedicate himself to Haelyn. The banner was then carried by Hadrian as he aided Roele in building first the nation of Anuire, and then in the battles in Brechtur and along the Sun Coast of the Khinasi. The Banner has been repaired many times by the Orthodox Imperial Temple, and some say that the only original parts are the fine threads of spun gold that make up Haelyn's sigil, the Andu family crest, and some peripheral decorations. Whether the Banner is magical is unknown, but popular myth says that its wearers have been favoured by Haelyn with signs, leadership skill and luck, and it is commonly believd that a templar army that follows the banner can be defeated only if they have lost their faith. It is the worst kept secret in Anuire that when the templars of Haelyn's Aegis separated from the Orthodox church they greatly desired to take the banner with them, and that the retention of the banner by the spiritual wing of the Orthodox has led to some ill-will between them.

Baelar's Black Book: Spoken of only in rumors, it is said that this book of spells, incantations and knowledge of all evil, and that it was written by Azrai himself and used to pervert and train the dreaded Lost, the corrupted sorcerers of Azrai. The Book is said to contain a powerful demon which uses guile and gifts to corrupt any reader into a foul necromancer and then to encourage such damned souls into dominating those about them, turning them from the worship of the gods of light into following the demons of Shadow instead. The Book is kept hidden by the Inquisition of the Orthodox, unable to destroy the book and risk loosing its demon and knowledge into the world the Inquisition protect Cerilia by putting to death any mage suspected of having read it, or in the case of more zealous members, of knowing or seeking the Tome's location or having seen it.

The Questing Charm: Questing charms were once a key part of Paladin training for the Orthodox Imperial Temple, after the schisms that followed the fall of the Anuirean Empire and the reduction of the Orthodox Imperial Temple by the loss of its militant orders (in the main) the charms fell out of use for the most part. The charms were worn by an initiate knight who wished to be granted paladinhood. As the knight slept they would receive dreams, as they travelled they would receive visions (from time to time). These dreams and visions would indicate a follower of Haelyn in need, or a foe of Haelyn, or some other deed that needed doing that would benefit Haelyn's aims in Cerilia. A knight who faithfully interpreted the signs, and showed the correct behaviour - in thought and deed - would be granted paladin hood, usually winning no small measure of fame and wealth (for the church) along the way. The charms are made of silver, and tarnish rapidly when worn by someone blackhearted, although the tarnish vanishes equally swiftly when borne by one pure in heart and bold of deed. It is said that demons of the Shadow World cannot abide the touch of such a charm and are weakened by its very presence. Charms have frequently led initiates the site of fallen followers in need of burial, lost treasures of Haelyn, but are equally known for directing paladins to impoverished families who need merely the aid of a strong arm for a few days in mending fences and rescuing lost cows.

Laerme's girdle: Made by a priestess of Laerme in the service of the Temple (Haelyn being King of the gods and served by them likewise expects their followers to serve his - at least according to Orthodox doctrine) this girdle has the power of fertility, a woman wearing it will (appropriate other actions occurring) swiftly become pregnant and enjoy good health throughout her term. The girdle was granted to loyal followers of the church to ensure that noble lines did not falter, etc. The girdle was stolen, reputedly by Khinasi spies, shortly before the fall of the Empire and many say that the tragic death of Faelina Roele, wife to Emperor Michael Roele, and her son in childbirth would have been avoided had the girdle been worn.

Moere's Aedan: While several cities in Anuire have a status of Aedan, the heroic shepherd boy who slew the ettin Margleb and went on to be a famed paladin of Cuiraecen, the statue outside the main Cathedral in Moere is truly exceptional. Carved from marble, the statue of the boy is so life-like that despite its huge 12 foot tall stature, many nightswatchmen have called out to it in error over the years. Despite repeatedly calls from some of the staider members of the clergy to have the statue, unselfconsciously nude in the typical northern style, moved out of sight (at least of women) or somehow clothed, the statue remains one of the 'must see' sights not merely of the city, or even Diemed, but of Anuire as a whole, and it grants the cathedral much prestige by its presence.

Staff of Conversion: This staff is made by senior clergy of Orthodox Imperial Temple and the church jealously keeps secret the way of its making.
At least a dozen of these staves had appeared in Anuire in the last 30 years, usually used by the main OIT's preachers.
People touched by one of the staves are suddenly and instantly converted into zealot followers of Haelyn, believers to what is written in Book of Laws, and in faithful followers of the OIT's teachings.
People with 3HD or more are allowed a saving throw. The effect, however, is not permament but lasts only for a year.
This was discovered by some WIT and NIT priests but OIT claims it's an hoax (every DM can choose who's right)
Other Haelyn's churches, notably NIT, have condemned this way of converting.

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