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[top]Why neutral point of view ?

Writing articles at [[BRWiki]] with a neutral point of view, helps remove conflicts that may occur from conflicting opinions stated in articles. Additionally maintaining neutrality can help prevent personal attacks.
Writing with a neutral point of view also avoids causing problems for other users - the Brecht for example may describe the Anuirean Empire as a rapacious land-grab and the Brecht league as a generous attempt to spread enlightenment and civilization, but writing this as 'fact' would cause problems for those who use the two events in a different manner. In general if you want to state what 'everyone knows' give both possible views 'i.e. Rjurik scholars contest that... whereas the Brecht say....' Another way to avoid NPOV issues is to make the article a quote from someone who would clearly have a bias, i.e. a write up of 'Azrai, the tragically misunderstood' by the Raven.
See Also: Wikipedia's Neutral point of view policy

[top]How to write with Neutral point of view

To quote Wikipedia; "Neutral point of view is a point of view that is neutral - that is neither sympathetic nor in opposition to its subject." Any subject where there is multiple significant points of view, should be written so that each of these is impartially stated, with equal merit to the other, the article should not imply that one opinion is the correct one.
Additionally when writing about other people or yourself, try to refrain from personal attacks or self promotion, articles should be written in an encyclopedic style.

[top]Dealing with Biased Articles

Upon coming across an article containing non-neutral points of view editing the article to replace contentious sections, writing in a neutral style would be appropriate, if you do not wish to edit the article, then add the {{NPOV}} template to the first line of the article, then comment in the article's Talk: page, describing any Neutrality issues in the article.
Conversely, if you see an article with {{NPOV}} and wish to edit the article to correct the NPOV issues, do so, leaving the original issues in the Talk: page.
Some articles may be deliberately written from a biased point of view in order to reflect the mind-set of a group, a common myth, or simply to amuse. These items should be tagged as 'observations' and not converted to the neutral point of view - although a counter point would be reasonable.

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