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Arms of Justina HeuloughArms of Justina Heulough

Female Elf Fighter 9; CR:?
? of ?
Common Lineage
Minor Bloodline of Azrai, 33 (17)
CG/CE Medium Humanoid (Augmented)

VP/WP -/-
Init +4
Speed ?
Languages Anuirean, Sidhelien

Defense :
AC Justina: 20 (+4 dex, +6 Elven magical chainmail)
Saves: Fort +? , Ref +? , Will +?
Special: spell resistance ?
Hit Dice: Justina: 9d10+10 (regent) ( 70 hp) Banshegh: 11D12 (93 hp)

Base Atk +9/+4 ; Grapple +?
Melee Atk longsword --
Ranged Elven bow--

Str 14, Dex 19, Con 11, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 19 Bld 17
Str -, Dex 20, Con -, Int 16, Wis 06, Cha 19 Bld 17
Feats: -
Skills: Administrate -, Bluff - , Diplomacy - , Knowledge (history) -, Listen - , Perform (Dance) -, Sense Motive -, spot -

Special Attacks:
Justina: none
Banshegh: Wail, Dreams

Special Qualities:
Justina: Invulnerability (Great), Persuasion (Major), Unreadable Thoughts (minor)
Banshegh: Bloodform (Major), Fear (Major), Invulnerability (Great), Major Resistance (Magic, Non magical Weapon) (Major), Wither Touch (Minor)

Unique Special Attacks description:

About 6' high, Justina is a beautiful elf woman.

The Banshegh is a non=corporeal image of Justina made of darkness and shadows.


The BansheghThe Banshegh

Typical Dialogue:
"I'm not the Banshegh"


Justina Heulough is beautiful elven woman widowed of an human. she has 3 half-elves children and rule fairly her domain. At night when she sleeps, a "double" of her arises and kills people ...


Justina is a fair fighter.

The Banshegh is cunning and uses all the powers of a standard banshegh. Evenmore, she can "enter" into dreams to kill sleeping people.



Justina is an Elf, she is tall and attractive, she has nice feature and a kind gaze, no one can imagine than she is truly the horrific and evil Banshegh.

At night her shadowy twin share some of her traits but in distorted and "sad/dark" version.


Justina is kind, just and listen to her people she rule her domain as fair as possible.

The Banshegh is a monster, killing with no apparent motive.


Rule fairly and make people happy for Justina.

Kill and spread sadness for the Banshegh.


The Awnshegh known as the Banshegh torments the people of Pashacht every night, transforming the pleasant forests and mountains into darksome and dangerous in the span of a few minutes.

Justina Heulough is a dangerous opponent, but she doesn't realize her own power. There are two versions of the Banshegh (well-documented outside of her domain), and she is an Awnshegh despite any personal protests.

The first Banshegh is Justina Heulough - the elven leader of a very small independent nation of humans nestled among the Mountains of the Silent Watch. She is a just leader who protects her people like a mother lioness does her cubs. She commonly visits the few hamlets in her domain so the people can talk to her and express their complaints and commendations. She truly listens to their ideas for a better country, though she is always careful before acting on any of them.

Justina is a handsome elven woman. She has never been an enchantress by any means, though her sweet disposition and kind wisdom have many seeing her through compassionate eyes. She is widowed, her human husband having died nearly 30 years ago, and she has three children who are grown and living with their spouses deep in her domain or in Rheulgard. Her half-elven children live under aliases, not letting anyone know who they truly are (though they have ways of proving their legitimacy and status as Justina's heirs, should the need arise).

The second Banshegh arises when Justina falls asleep. Almost like an 'astral travel' spell, the Banshegh separates from Justina's corporeal body like a spirit and haunts the Mountains of the Silent Watch and nearby Treucht and Rheulgard. There is a connection between the two, which has been ascertained from the use of a 'locate person' spells on the sleeping Justina: they indicate that she is in two locations at once. Not even this evidence can sway Justina Heulough's mind to believe this, as she harshly dismisses anyone who even suggest that there is a connection between her and the hated name of the Banshegh.

Regardless of Justina's inclination to ignore the evidence, the Banshegh closely resembles her face and form, though it is made entirely of dark mists and show low, blue-glowing energy. The Banshegh is rarely seen directly, but is visible out of the corner of one's eyes: looking at her most often results in looking through her.

Sages who study the Awnsheghlien have to theories on Justina and the Banshegh. Some believe that Justina and the Banshegh are one and the same and her dual form is simply a unique way of manifesting her Azrai-born abilities. A second theory states that the Banshegh is some previously unknown form of divine essence, and it entered Justina some time after the destruction at Mount Deismaar; those who subscribe to this theory cannot offer any evidence that this essence inhabited other beings int he past 1500 years. The Banshegh's activity in this area (or in Cerilia at all, by any accounts) did not begin until after the death of Justina's husband, and it has apparently lived within Justina for nearly 30 years.

Both theories are torn over how to dispose of the Banshegh, for all agree that the Banshegh is as malevolent and dangerous as Justina is kind and just. By killing Justina, the Banshegh will definitely be destroyed. However, sages can't decide if killing the Banshegh would kill Justina. If the Banshegh is actually a manifestation of the sleeping Justina's spirit, both would die if the Banshegh is slain. If the Banshegh is simply some malevolent invader linked to Justina, severing that link or destroying the Banshegh could either free Justina of her curse or set the Banshegh free to roam the land night and day, no longer held in check by Justina.

A set of scrolls rests in the Royal College of Sorcery's library at the Imperial City of Anuire, and it is collectively known as The Scrolls of the Tainted. These 20-year-old scrolls hold a different story on Justina. The scrolls' author used "unspeakable arcane methods" to locate the "true" relationship between Justina and the Banshegh. He allegedly found that she was cursed by Carat, a cousin of the provincial leader of Rheulgard and a priest of Azrai. Despite Azrai's destruction at Deismaar, carat drew power from some source for spells, though this is not elaborated upon in the texts.

Carat evidently summoned a Shadow World wraith of sorts to haunt Justina. It is inactive during the day and can only come out at night, giving the impression that the Banshegh is only around when Justina sleeps. No spells have yet been used to check for such a curse.

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