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The climate of Müden is one of the mildest around the Krakennauricht, for a variety of reasons. First, the domain is located on the southern coast of the bay. With prevailing winds creating a counter- clockwise pattern over the Krakennauricht, where the expanse of water holds the summer?s warmth, a warm southern wind blows north across the Mountains of the Silent Watch. However, Müden lacks such protection from the winter extremes.
Müden experiences winter extremes of ?26º and summer highs of 96º The winds rarely blow stronger than 60 miles per hour. Müden?s temperate weather is illustrated in the table below, which shows the average
monthly precipitation and temperature. But that only tells part of the story. In Cerilia?s 388-day year (384 normal days plus four feast days), 172 of Müden?s days on the average are bathed with at least one-tenth of an inch of rain, and 82 days experience at least one inch of snow. In total - assuming that each inch of snow is equal to .01 inch of rain - Müden receives an unbelievable 60 inches of rain per year; the greatest precipitation recorded in one day was 2.75 inches.
Anuirean Month*Average TemperatureAverage Precipitation
Keltier20º6.6 inches
Faniele13º5.7 inches
Pasiphiel11º6.1 inches
Day of Rebirth (vernal equinox)
Sarimiere23º5.2 inches
Talienir38º4.4 inches
Roelir48º3.9 inches
Haelyn?s Festival (summer solstice)
Haelynir58º3.4 inches
Anarire64º3.2 inches
Deismir62º4.5 inches
Veneration of the Sleeping (autumnal equinox)
Erntenir56º4.4 inches
Sehnir47º5.4 inches
Emmanir34º6.3 inches
Eve of the Dead (winter solstice)

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