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Arms of BrechlenArms of Brechlen

Brechlen, a city of 13,830, has been termed the cultural crossroads of Müden. Visitors to this cosmopolitan city, which has long served as the capital of Müden, will hear many languages spoken as they stroll through the streets. Here, halflings practice their trades, dwarves smith and forge to their hearts? desire, and all the races of men come to work Brecht ships, fisheries, and farms. People from all over Cerilia come to Brechlen to trade, find jobs crewing ships, and take passage to other lands.
Elves visit Brechlen rarely, though no other city in all of Müden can profess even this claim. When they do enter the city limits, they usually seek trade ? especially fresh fish ? and immediately depart upon concluding their business. Skeptics, controversy seekers, verbal sword bearers, and enemies of the state claim these elves trade military information and details about Müden?s neighbours for this food, allowing the realm to maintain an unfair advantage in the bay.
Yan Crichton (MBr; Ar5) is the well-liked mayor of Brechlen. To prove his worth and relative importance, Yan often claims to be friends with Melisande Reaversbane, though they?re really nothing more than mere acquaintances. They have been seen dining together at local establishments, but these encounters are nothing more than meetings over meals to determine the needs of the city (since Melisande, in effect, controls Wesbralen province). Many rumors regarding the mayor and the captain have circulated, causing locals to believe either that the two are becoming a romantic item or that Crichton seeks to solidify his position in the forthcoming election.

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