Moriel city

Moriel(Small City): standard; AL LE; 15,000 gp limit; Assets: 6,500,000; Population: 7,000; Anuirean (97% human, 2% Dwarf, 1% halfling, 1% other)

The city, the capital of the realm, run by an ancient charter. The Duke has the right to appoint the Captain of the city's guard and to hear appeals from the city's courts, but otherwise has little influence here. The day-to day-activities are handled by a council of 7, serving for life or until resignation; 5 of them are affiliated to the Highland/Overland Traders or they are at least on its payroll; by this Ghorien Hiriele and his guild control the city government.

Authority Figures
Aeric Gryphon (MAn; minor, Reynir, 18; Noble 1 / Fighter 3; LE), Captain of the City's Guard: He's the younger brother of Lord Terence Gryphon, one of the main henchmen of Duke Jaison Raenech. Many blame, but being careful to do so, he's been appointed only for the friendship between the Duke and his brother. Through his men, almost 80 guards, he's the ears and eyes of Terence Gryphon in the city.
Important Characters
Narn Devaele (MAn; unblooded; Magician 5; LN): Narn is the most important magic-user of Osoerde, of course with the exception of the Swamp Mage and the Second Swamp Mage. He's specialized in divination magic and many people come to his house to ask him for advices and to know their future. Many swear Jaison Raenech himself was seen sometimes knocking on his door.
Kaeduric (MAn; unblooded; Rogue 6; N): Kaeduric is the guildmaster of the Thieves' Guild of Osoerde, loosely allied with the Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik.
The Lion and the Boar: it's the most famous feasthall of Moriel and of all Osoerde. Prominent people are usually seen there, though they're usually set in private rooms.

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