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Arms of BrenlieArms of Brenlie

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The Adurian border province of Brenlie has declined in importance since the fall of the Empire. Today, it is run by stooges of the Governor and is a favorite place to hide for people on the run from Anuirean law. The hilly terrain of the province allows for only subsistence agriculture; the bulk of the province?s economy revolves around mining.
The Governor always keeps a unit or two in Brenlie to ward against monsters from the Adurian Wastes. Anuirean patrols once ranged farther south, but now the land has become wild and untamed.
Abandoned Mines: At the height of the Empire, the mountains and hills of Brenlie were home to several communities built near large mines. Nowadays most of the mines are abandoned, but the extensive excavations underground are believed to be home to bandits and worse.

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