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Serien province, located in the center of the Mieres, is something of an anomaly for two reasons. First, it is landlocked. Second, its people are largely honest and hardworking. The legal apparatus of this province answers primarily to Darien Avan and as a result is efficient and mostly honest. This is still Mieres, though, and a few of the local sheriffs take every opportunity to line their pockets with graft from the logging guilds.
Serien is almost as populous as Seaward, but unlike its coastal neighbor, Serien engages in little trade with the outside world. Instead, the economy of this province is driven by the lumber industry. Most of the residents belong to one of the logging guilds, which ultimately supply the Straits of Aerele Shipping.
Elaurie Serien (FAn; Archivist 2; Reynir, major, 25; LN) is the Countess of Serien. Her family has ruled this province since the founding of the colony, and their constant presence has proved a stabilizing force and prevented widespread corruption within the provincial government. While the Serien family is often at odds with the Governor for their refusal to bend laws or overlook illegal activity in the province, they enjoy the support of the Prince of Avanil.
Chapel of Rain: The main administrative complex of the Eastern Temple of Nesirie is unusual in that it is built in a landlocked province. A throwback to an earlier era in which temples of Nesirie were prevalent throughout Mieres, the priests of the Eastern Temple constructed this temple on the slopes of the mountain range in the southwestern portion of Serien province. The temple offers a majestic view of the seas all around the Mieres peninsula.
Today, the temple is still the headquarters for the Eastern Temple?s administrative arm. While shrines and small temples to Nesirie still dot the eight provinces of Mieres, all tithes and other collections are brought to the Chapel of Rain in Serien.
Mhistecai Tower: Although she has just started developing sources in the province, Mhistecai chose Serien as her base of operations when she first began establishing sources in Mieres. Serien?s central location makes it an ideal spot from which to build a network of ley lines. Furthermore, Darien Avan?s control over the legal apparatus of the province offers her added protection from possible reprisals from Vaumel?s thugs.

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