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As cunning as a fox and as cruel as a spider, Mheallie Bireon has several plots involving her holdings in Dhoesone.

[top]Dark trickery

To protect her people from the Gheallie Sidhe, Mheallie has been paying a herbalist to develop a poison that harms elves, but not humans. Recently after years of failure the herbalist produced a sickly gray leaved plant crowned with white bulbs, the sap of which could be distilled into a venom deadly to elves.

The venom affects wizards, and perhaps 1 in 20 other humans, but not the vast majority of the population. Elves feel sickly when even close to the plant, fortunately for the elves the plant only seems to grow well out of direct sunlight in graveyards or near other places of great suffering. Mheallie's agents have planted the Feybane as they call it in several graveyards about Dhoesone and aim to spread it further.

DM note: Feybane is native to the Shadow World, those injured by its poison grow listless and weak (-1 con per day) until their spirits are drawn into the Shadow World or some cure is found.

[top]Red Fist of Doom

Mheallie has been negotiating with the Red Fist clan of goblins for over a decade, slowly learning the strange ways of the goblin clan and winning if not their trust, then a grudging respect. She intends to encourage the goblins to wipe out Bannier's hold on the trade of Soniele and Sonnelind with the goblins as deniable pawns. The recent influx of knights from Avanil and Tuornen has delayed these plans, for the knights have inflicted several defeats on goblin raiders, but Mheallie has ways of dealing with meddling swordsmen.

[top]Tarnished steel

Mheallie has, through a network of agents, hired a mercenary band (colloquially known as "tarnished steel" in Dhoesone) to defend the folk of Dhoesone from goblins and the like. The band has acted under a banner very similar to Gaelin Thuried's, leading many people to assume that the band is sponsored by the guilder, who has happily claimed credit for the band's deeds. Now that the band has started to win a reputation Mheallie is ready to spring her trap, she will have the mercenaries attack Adaere Doneim's holdings in Dharilein in a not-quite deniable fashion and therefore encourage a feud between Gaelin and Adaere. That will give her the chance to strike against Adaere in Sidhuire and Ruidewash.

[top]Daeric's downfall

Mheallie has long sought to suborn Daeric Dhoesone, not only does he control sources in the provinces her traders roam but he also controls the mebhaighl of Cariele. He has always however proved stubbornly loyal to the crown. Recently however Mheallie found Daeric's Achilles heel, his illegitimate daughter Saebra.

Mheallie arranged for Saebra's mother Halie to be employed by the Northlands Exchange, a post in which Halie has won a fair degree of success. Mheallie hasn't threatened the child - she doesn't have to, Daeric knows full well who Halie works for and what Mheallie is capable of. Halie knows nothing of Mheallie's true interest in Saebra but it breaks Daeric's heart to see his daughter falling into the guildmistress's embrace. While none of Mheallie's 'requests' have directly opposed the Baroness yet Daeric knows it is only a matter of time and every time Mheallie pays him for the 'favors' Daeric provides her the wizard is drawn deeper into the mistress's web of deceit.

[top]Immigration issues

Mheallie is encouraging settlement by folk of Cariele in Tradebhein, the settlers inevitably look to her for guidance and so she is slowly subverting Fhiele's influence by virtue of blunt demographics. These immigrants are increasingly resented by the local Dhoesoneans who see the newcomers taking jobs and land that could be theirs.

[top]Root and branch, I despise thee

The feud between Mheallie and Bannier is an openly aggressive affair as the two Anuirean's fight for dominance with methods ranging from bribes to bloodshed.

Mheallie has learned that Bannier's daughter is currently in Sonnelind and intends to kidnap them and blackmail Bannier into withdrawing at least in part from Dhoesone.

[top]The enemy of my enemy is my enemy still

Mheallie has been funding the Sons of Hjalsone through intermediaries with a view to making them such a threat that the Baroness had to take severe reprisal actions, Mheallie can't trade with people who vehemently oppose civilization so she would welcome the crown forcing them to settle or eliminating them so that more amendable types can settle in the province. She also manufactures 'incidents' to paint the Sons in a bad light, often aiming to injure Adaere Doneim's merchants or the Baroness's sheriffs to ensure she gains from the effort regardless of whether or not they rise to the bait and strike at the Sons.

[top]The Wild Trade

Having considered the Rjurik backward savages all her life, Mheallie was unprepared for the cunning of the Rjurik guilders of the Stjordvik Traders and lost much ground to them. Mheallie is now working to undermine Storm along the Taelshore by publishing details of his ruthless trading techniques which are anathema to the druids. In Dhoesone she works to ensure he remains opposed by the druids to prevent him forming an alliance akin to the one that she has with the Northern Reformed Church.

To this end Mheallie has ensured that several of Storm's acts to 'please the druids' such as planting trees over mine tailings and the like were sabotaged. Storm's continued growth has led her to consider more extreme means however, such as killing one of the more stubborn druids in a "logging accident" or having Storm's factors targeted by 'wild' animals, etc. so he will launch reprisals against the druids.

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