KhinasiDrocandraghMedecian Way

Alignment: Chaotic Good.


[top]Teaching and Doctrine


The city of Medeci was the great center of the realm of Medec. There the Medecian Way was founded and it

[top]Major Centers of Worship

[top]Important Figures

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Medecian Way
Binessin (3/4)La (3)Med (2)Bes (3)Das (4)
Coromandel (1/6)La (1)Med (1)Bes (1)Das (6)
Kaniera (1/6)La (1)Med (1)Bes (1)Das (3)
Motere (2/5)La (2)Med (2)Bes (2)-
North Marten (2/5)La (2)Med (1)Grd (3)Das (4)
South Marten (2/5)La (2)Med (2)Grd (2)-
Abbreviations: Med=Medecian Way (Iocas Narvadae); La= the Lamia (Besa´am); Bes=Besa´am Guild; Grd=Gradny Coster; Das=Dashid al-Rashid.

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