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[top]Contents of a manor holding

The different types of 'people-based' holdings represent different things.
Province rulership typically represents loyalty of the people - who do they see as their ruler.

A law holding typically reflects ability to enforce will across the entire populace, levy taxes/duties.

A guild holding typically represents mercantile activity.

A temple holding typically represents faith, donations, tithes, sale of indulgences, moral persuasion, etc.

However none of these holdings directly and easily translate to the ownership/control over of vast landed estates from which rents, harvests, tithes, hunting permits, etc can be gathered. This has some overlap potentially with both province ruler-ship, and law holdings, but the overlap is not necessarily the case depending on interpretation.

[top]Meta-game - why?

From a meta-game perspective the manor holding is likely to be affiliated with province rulers, giving them an alternate holding type to hold 'naturally'. This permits smaller domains to be playable, can allow vassals to be more visible at domain level, and have various role-playing benefits.


A manor holding income is 1 RP and 2/3 GB per level, just like a guild or temple holding. A manor holding cannot influence other holdings in the manner of a law holding, cast realm spells/agitate like a temple domain, or forge trade routes like a guild holding. It can however be used to raise levies of unskilled laborers as (very poor) soldiers.
Manor regency is gained, under [[BRCS]] rules, based on Administration and Knowledge (Nature) (the latter being something of a stretch, but Profession (farmer) or some such grubby skill is a little unheroic for PCs).

[top]Note: Inheritance and dowry

The gift of land (and attendant income) was not uncommon as part of an inheritance or dowry. However in game mechanic terms most holdings are considered 'core' to the domain and thus inappropriate for such a gift. Manor holdings being 'non-core' to any standard domain fit the role of gift relatively well. Similarly they work well within source domains where they provide income but fit in readily with the view of an 'absentee landlord' as the need for constant control is less obvious.

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