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Magic of Vorostokov
Although magic, especially of the arcane variety, is rare in Vosgaard, Vorostokov has a few ancient and precious magical items that it brought with it into exile in the Shadow World. The most important by far is the Serebryanoe Blagoslovene.

[top]Serebryanoe Blagoslovene

(Icon of the Silver Blessing)

Item of Legacy
A small, flat piece of polished ebony-colored wood, roughly as long and wide as a man?s hand; it tapers on either end to a blunted point. The wood is of no type found in Cerilia and to the worldly it appears to be some sort of tropical hardwood. In the center of the wood is a small image in particularly ancient style of two men in red gowns, each with a silvery moon-halo above his head. Together they grasp a silver stave of power, above which is written (in ancient Vos text) ?From One to the Next.? The image appears painted, yet is in fact graven into the wood itself using unknown means.

[top]Nonlegacy Game Statistics

Object of Art: Pre-Deismaaran Religious Icon worth 1,500 gp

Omen: When approached within five feet by a potential wielder, the Icon glows for a moment with a soft, silvery light.


Until recently, the Church of Lirovka possessed an ancient and beautiful icon entitled Serebryanoe Blagoslovene, the Silver Blessing. The northern tradition of Lirovka (as practiced today in Vorostokov, Grevesmühl and Hjorig), descending from the ancient traditions of the Vos Vorynnites, has long utilized mysterious paintings called icons as central objects of worship. Depictions of Vorynn (and later Lirovka) and His sacred acts, prayer directed towards an appropriate icon would serve as a channel to the God Himself.
Originally, these icons were painted upon flat pieces of wood and were carried with the nomadic Vos, utilizing symbolism to present complex theological material simply and visually. As the Vos settled in Cerilia, the icons ? still always painted upon flat material and in a visually simple style ? became more elaborate, often being done in gold. At their height, the Vos temples of Vorynn had entire walls of icons, called Templons, that worshippers directed their prayers towards.
In the end, however, the War of the Shadow destroyed the ancient traditions of Icon creation. Followers of Azrai (and then Belinik) delighted in destroying the sacred symbols of the old faith. Today, a handful of old icons survive in the temples of the north, carefully preserved by their guardians. However, the Silver Blessing is particularly unique because, unlike the others, it is said to pre-date the Adurian exodus. Originally, it contained only an image of Vorynn, with the moon behind his head, said to be painted by the God Himself. Miraculously, after Deismaar, a similar image of the new God Lirovka appeared beside his former master. (Knowledge [History] DC 15)
This powerful relic has been the key to the survival of the church of Lirovka in Vorostokov. It has always been kept in the temple in the village of Vorostokov and is the central object of worship in that place. Most of the key rituals of the Vorostokovite Temple, especially those involving the High Priest, revolve around the Icon and it is seen as the source of the High Priest?s legitimacy and power, especially against the dark gods of Kriesha and Belinik. Though in recent years (since the disappearance of Vorostokov) Tor of Lirorn in Hjorig has taken the role of Primarch in Ruornil?s northern tradition, copies of the Silver Blessing still exist in every northern temple and the Vorostokov Temple is seen as the most senior (for it was there, through the icon, that Ruornil revealed Himself) (Knowledge [History] DC 20).
To Vorostokovites, this knowledge is universal, as is the fact that the Icon was either lost or stolen some 30 years ago in the chaos of Gregor Zolnik?s rise to power.

[top]Legacy Rituals

Three rituals are required to unlock all of the abilities of Silver Blessing, traditionally, these three rituals were integrated into the consecration of a new priests in Vorostokov.
Espetane Poshe (Test of the Forest) Armed with only a quarterstaff and appropriate clothing, the Initiate must enter the mountains above Voronina and fast within the forest for three days, all the while performing rites to Lirovka. This ritual is required of all initiates to the Temple of Lirovka, regardless of whether they will become wielders of the Serebryanoe Blagoslovene. Cost: 1,000 gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Serebryanoe Blagoslovene)
Espetane Puny (Test of the Moon) In a Temple of Lirovka, the Initiate must spend six months contemplating and recording the passage of the Moon in complete silence. During this time, the Initiate sleeps during the day on a hard mat and subsists only upon a broth made of nettles and coarse-ground barley bread. Cost: gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Serebryanoe Blagoslovene)
Espetane Teney (Test of Shadows) The Initiate must enter the Shadow World armed only with a quarterstaff and therein defeat a free-willed undead creature of great power. Cost: 3500 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Serebryanoe Blagoslovene)

[top]Wielder Requirements

Serebryanoe Blagoslovene was crafted by the gods Vorynn and Ruornil to bolster their worshippers in dark times and is extremely useful to the guardians of the Moon Faith. Additionally, Serebryanoe Blagoslovene could have up to a maximum of six wielders and was not meant to be wielded by one. Traditionally, the High Priest and five assistant priests in the Temple of the City of Vorostokov would all be bonded to the Icon, but technically anyone with knowledge of the rituals who met the requirements could become bonded to the object. Each individual must perform the rituals individually without any help from others. Finally, Serebryanoe Blagoslovene?s wielder(s) could share the Icon without the recipient incurring the requisite negative level per legacy ritual activated, as described in page 209 of Weapons of Legacy.
Serebryanoe Blagoslovene Wielder Requirements: Worshipper of Vorynn/Ruornil, Knowledge [Spellcraft] Level 5, Concentration Level 5

Table 1-1: Person Costs and Abilities
Wielder Level Attack Penalty Hit Point Loss Spell Slot Loss Abilities
5th-0-2-0Aura of Silver; Survival +1
6th-0-0-0Astrology +1
7th-1-0-0Glory of the Moon, Survival +2
8th-0-2-0Leadership, Astrology +2
9th-0-0-1Mebhaighl Sense, Survival +3
9th-2-0-0Power of the Moon, Astrology +3

[top]Legacy Item Abilities

All of the following are legacy item abilities of Serebryanoe Blagoslovene.
Aura of Silver (su): At 5th level, when the wielder is within 30 feet of the Serebryanoe Blagoslovene, she and all other worshippers of Ruornil within that area add a +2 morale bonus to their attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks. In addition, the wielder operates as if 2 levels higher for purposes of determining spells per day; she can even cast spells normally unavailable to him, as if she were of that higher level, but only as long as she remains within sight of the Icon.
Glory of the Moon (su): At 7th level, the wielder may direct a Moonbeam (see BOP pg 85) from the Serebryanoe Blagoslovene thrice per day. Unlike the traditional spell, this moon beam does not paralyze undead, but in fact burns them for 4d6 damage per round. While any wielder may direct Moonbeams from the Serebryanoe Blagoslovene, it will only fire six total per day.
Leadership (su): At 8th level the wielder gains the Leadership feat for free. If the feat is already possessed, the wielder instead gains a +5 bonus to Lead skill checks.
Mebhaighl Sense (su): At 9th level, the wielder can tell whenever someone casts any type of arcane spell within a province containing a temple affiliated with the temple containing the Serebryanoe Blagoslovene. The wielder determines what province and roughly where within the province (such as a particular village or valley) the spell occurred, approximately its power (spell level +/- 1) and the school of magic the spell derives from. Some minor spells (All 0th and 1st-2nd level spells of the schools of divination, illusion and abjuration) do not manipulate enough mebhaighl to register; as well, the non-realm spells of source regents within provinces where they possess sources do not register as their magic is in harmony with the land.
Power of the Moon (su): At 10th level, the wielder may draw upon the divine energy within Icon as if it were a Temple Holding Level 5. Much like a Mebhaighl Stone for Sources, this power may only be used once before needing to be recharged (placed within the primary temple of a Temple Holding of at least Level 2 for two months) and operates only for purposes of Realm Spell casting. The wielder does not gain regency or GB income from the Icon.

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