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Karl Ritter was a knight from Esmersdan in Kiergard who had sought riches as a soldier. For a time he formed his own company known as the Blaue Hechte, or Blue Pikes. After successfully earning considerable sums in various Brecht and Khinasi wars, he brought his company of pikes to Elinie, where he met another mercenary captain, Daen Roesone.
During the time they both served the Patriarch of Elinie, Karl and Daen became fast friends. Daen was a great leader of men and had a striking vision that drew other men to him. After Daen married one of the Patriarch's daughters, Karl decided to serve Daen in his cause of bringing order to his homeland of eastern Diemed. The Blaue Hechte were wary to accept such a commission, for they were not sure how they would be paid. Karl had become taken with Daen's project and was able to convince his loyal pikemen to follow.
In 470 MR Daen Roesone convinced the Baron of Diemed, Vandiel Diem the younger, to pay his men as they pacified the Baron's unruly eastern lands, and was named Governor of the East. Over the next four years, Daen brought order at the point of a sword. Pirates in Abbatuor, a province in Aerenwe were also brought under Daen's orderly domain, and made to abandon crime for a life of productive peace and prosperity. With the east pacified, Daen quite reasonably imagined he might be granted a title in recognition of his achievements. In 474 MR, Daen sent his right-hand man, Derian Isilviere, to negotiate a title for the lands Daen now ruled in Diemed. However, Vandiel had granted Daen authority as a governor in eastern Diemed and saw no reason to extend that authority
Vandiel's refusal would not have been warmly received in Caercas, but Daen would have waited to produce still greater results until no one could deny him a title. But Vandiel compounded his mistake by naming his own cousin, Uchaene Shaeme, as Count of Caercas. At this insult, Daen flew into a rage. Karl's pikes would have their first major duty since coming to Diemed. Until now, they had served as guards and garrisons, pikes being slow and ineffective against the bandits that Daen had been fighting.
Anuire is the home of knights, and presumptive Count Uchaene brought with him fully two hundred knights and three hundred men at arms. Initially Count Urchane was successful in enforcing his claim, and Daen was forced to retreat from Caercas, the count foolishly chose to celebrate his apparent victory, giving Daen time to rally his men and summon the bulk of his forces from their patrols. As the Count set out to 'finish the job' a few days later Daen allowed the Count's scouts to catch site of some of his men hiding in the ruins of a knights keep near Highcastle.
Daen's strategist, Derian Isilviere, made Karl's pikes central to his battle plan. At Highcastle, Daen's force of six hundred, including two hundred pikes, two hundred archers, and two hundred lightly armed militia were placed among the ruins. Uchaene ordered his knights to charge up the hill and disperse 'the rabble cowering in yonder ruins'. Karl and his pikes stood their ground amongst prepared stakes and pits and shattered the knights charge, barely one knight in ten staggered down from the hill. Uchane, infuriated by the deaths of his knights, sent his whole force to attack again. Then Daen sprng his trap, the archers abruptly standing forth to raker the approaching men with arros as they climbed the steep hill. By the time they reached the top the Diemen troops were in no condition to face the ready victors of the last charge and were decisively defeated. Daen pressed his victory and led his troops down the hill to a near total victory that saw Uchaene and a dozen other nobles captured for ransom and the Diemen forces in Caercas scattered a few days later.
The proud pikes of Karl's Blaue Hechte had won the day, and in recognition re-named the city of Highcastle in their honor calling it Proudglaive (the preferred local pole-arm). The ruined knights keep that had so ably assisted in the ruin of the Count's troops was rebuilt by Daen to ensure control over the nearby Spider River and named Blacktower Castle.
Despite this decisive victory, Diemed decided to expand the war, bringing her full force of resources against Daen and his followers. Her ally, Aerenwe joined as well. In three years, during what is called the War of Roesone's Independence Daen Roesone not only lead his forces to victory, but conquered and held the province of Bellam was well. Aerenwe's regent, a young King called Laurens Swordwraith was unable to best Roesone's armies and in 477, Aerenwe's army met Daen Roesone at the Battle of Halried Plain. Karl had three hundred pikes, supported by a hundred archers. Daen rode at the head of two hundred knights and two hundred cavalry. In the center, Harald Bjording had his fifty huskarls, another hundred and fifty heavy infantry, and two hundred archers, including fifty Rjurik archers using compound longbows, able to shoot father and more accurately than even the famed Anuirean longbow of Mhoried and Talinie. Daen's victory was complete, King Laurens was captured, and his army routed. Laurens was forced to concede Bellam and Abbatuor and to acknowledge the independence of a new Barony of Roesone in order to secure peace and his own release.
The county of Duerlin was granted to Karl as a reward for his service, and Karl planned a castle and an estate at Mienem Falls where his successors govern even today.

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