Important Figures in Albiele Town

Important Figures in Albiele Town

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This section details some of the prominent, important or just plain unusual folk of Albiele Town. The Governor is not detailed here (see The Governor?, above, for details on Albiele Town?s ruler).

[top]The Secretary

Male human (Anuirean)
The Secretary is an emancipated skeleton of a man. Due to slight hunch, he barely clears 5 feet in height. He always wears grey, over-sized robes that hide his wizened body from view. His face alone is enough to discomfort even the stoutest of hearts. His eyes peer out from sunken pits and he almost continually squints, especially when he is in light any brighter than twilight. The skin on his face seems to sit loosely, giving the impression its about to fall off. He is totally bald and has never been seen to sport any facial hair either. He speaks quickly, in a high pitched tone that is very grating on the ear. Most people actively avoid the Secretary (no one remembers his real name), partly because of his awful appearance but mostly because the Secretary is the Governor?s highest ranking servant. As such, only the Governor wields more clout (and engenders more fear) in Albiele Town.
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[top]The Captain

Male human (Khinasi/Vos)
The Captain is the Governor?s second highest servant (only the Secretary ranks higher). In imitation of the Governor and the Secretary, the Captain ?discourages? use of his real name (which is Jamal). The Captain?s most visible Khinasi characteristic is his light coffee colored skin. His Vos heritage is far more prominent, however, as evidenced by his large 6?4?, well muscled frame. Like many Vos, the Captain shaves his head and he sports a midnight black moustache that reaches down to below his jutting chin. The Captain has an extremely short temper, often taking offence at the slightest things. When deliberately insulted or humiliated, nothing short of the death of the source of the insult or humiliation will satisfy him.
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[top]Rashad el-Hamil

Male human (Khinasi)
Rashad el-Hamil is a very smooth operator indeed. He is 6?1? tall and extremely good-looking, with deep brown skin and immaculately clean black hair that he keeps tied in a pony tail which reaches to the base of his neck. Dark brown eyes look out of an elegant, almost sculpted face. Rashad wears nothing but the finest clothes, cut in the latest fashions and in colors which set off his dark coloring. He is exquisitely polite and charmingly suave. His mind almost matches his flawless features and the two in combination have brought him more wealth and success than physical prowess ever could have.
See Also: Rashad el-Hamil

[top]?Tiny? Thor

Male human (Rjurik)
?Tiny? Thor has classic Rjurik features; broad shoulders, heavily muscled arms and torso, red hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He stands 6?7? tall, a little higher than is average even for Rjurik males. He wears his thick red hair long and unkempt and a bushy beard and moustache decorate his face, despite the much warmer climate of the southern seas. Unless stealth is called for, Thor decorates his hair and beard with feather, beads and other such small items.
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Male human (Khinasi)
Almost as charming and smooth-talking as Rashad el-Hamil, Tuarim?s Khinasi lineage is not as immediately obvious as Rashad?s. With light brown skin that could almost pass for a simple tan and light eyes (which are rare among the Khinasi), most people mistake Tuarim for someone of southern Anuirean descent (who have intermarried with the Khinasi more than any portion of Anuire).
See Also: Tuarim


Male halfling
Mern, Albiele Town?s only permanent halfling resident, doesn?t appear to be a normal halfling, even from first glance. The first notable difference between Mern and other halflings is his height. Mern stands a seemingly unnatural (to other halflings at least) 4?6? tall. He retains his race?s stockiness, and this, combined with his height, gives Mern surprising strength. He has shoulder-length, midnight-black hair that he rarely bothers to keep tidy. Uncomfortably piercing blue eyes stare out from underneath a heavy brow. Many of Albiele Town?s inhabitants are extremely uncomfortable being around the tall halfling, saying they feel alone and almost helpless when faced with his subtly malevolent stare.
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[top]Gaeran Totin

Male human (Anuirean)
Gaeran Totin is a small man, standing 5?7? tall, and thin as well, weighing only a slight 140 lbs. His fire-red curly red hair contrasts strongly with his light blue eyes and pale complexion, an almost Rjurik combination of features which shows just how much the Anuirean people have mixed with the other human cultures of Cerilia. He often wears a puzzled expression on his face, as if trying to work something out. When not dressed in his priestly vestments, he is usually dressed in a light blue or green ankle length robe. Gaeran?s habit of never judging the behavior or beliefs of others has made him well liked by many of Albiele Town?s inhabitants and visitors.
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[top]Stiele Ranorn

Male human (Anuirean)
Stiele Ranorn is a tall, lanky man whose seemingly stupid and clumsy behavior hides both a body and a mind that are extremely agile. His long, light brown hair is always untidy and his different colored eyes (blue and green) do little to detract from his odd appearance. Very few people are aware of Stiele?s subterfuge (his fellow Night Rogues are about the only ones) and he always takes advantage of those who dismiss him as a hopeless incompetent. Stiele wears dark grey, bulky clothes that hangs off his slender frame and conceals his leather armor. In amongst the folds of his clothes, Stiele conceals all manner of equipment, in particular the pair of throwing knives that tales call The Twins (described in detail below) and the black dagger which marks him as a priest of Eloéle.
See Also: Stiele Ranorn

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