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Gender/Race: Male human (Anuirean)
Class/Level: Priest (Nesirie) 4
Bloodline: Masela, minor, 17
Blood Abilities: Blood History (Minor)
Alignment: Neutral
Hit Points: 28
Str 8 (Sta 9/Mus 7) Dex 11 (Aim 10/Bal 12) Con 11 (Hea 11/Fit 11) Int 14 (Rea 13/Kno 15) Wis 15 (Int 17/Wil 13) Cha 12 (App 12/Lea 12)
Major Spheres: All, Animal (sea creatures), Charm, Divination, Elemental (water), Healing, Necromantic, Protection
Minor Spheres: Combat, Weather
Favourite Spells: Bless, Faerie Fire, Magical Stone, Hold Person
Other Abilities:Water Breathing or water walking once per day, Agriculture (required proficiency), Healing (bonus proficiency), turn undead
Equipment: Leather armour, spear, sling, 20 sling bullets

Gaeran Totin is a small man, standing 5?7? tall, and thin as well, weighing only a slight 140 lbs. His fire-red curly red hair contrasts strongly with his light blue eyes and pale complexion, an almost Rjurik combination of features which shows just how much the Anuirean people have mixed with the other human cultures of Cerilia. He often wears a puzzled expression on his face, as if trying to work something out. When not dressed in his priestly vestments, he is usually dressed in a light blue or green ankle length robe. Gaeran?s habit of never judging the behavior or beliefs of others has made him well liked by many of Albiele Town?s inhabitants and visitors.
Gaeran was born and raised in Shadowgreen, a coastal province of Aerenwe. He entered the Eastern Temple of Nesirie (ETN) at the age of 15 and has been a devoted servant of the goddess ever since. After completing his novitiate at the ETN?s small temple in Shadowgreen, he traveled to the center of Nesirie?s worship in Aerenwe - the Ursuline Chapel in the province of Calrie. There he spent much of his time collecting manuscripts and texts relating to matters nautical for the Chapel?s extensive library. Such a task satisfied Gaeran?s desire to uncover the secrets of the sea for a time but like the oceans he loves so deeply, Gaeran is simply unable to stay in one place. So, when the opportunity to expand the ETN?s influence among the pirate clans of the southern seas came up, Gaeran jumped at the chance (and no doubt he will move on once his initial task of setting up Nesirie?s presence in Albiele Town is complete).
Gaeran arrived in Albiele Town a little over two years ago. Initially, he operated out of the Port (see 5, in Locations). He quickly meet with a fair deal of success amongst the town?s inhabitants and visitors, who were eager to at least offer prayers up to Nesirie in the hope of safe voyages upon the often dangerous and always unforgiving seas of southern Cerilia. Increased support from the Mieres branch of the ETN enabled Gaeran to build a temple to Nesirie in the town less than six months after first stepping onto Albiele Island. Gaeran named the temple the Sea Lady and it is easily the most beautiful building in Albiele Town, which is otherwise more utilitarian than decorative in nature.
Gaeran has continued to collect knowledge pertaining to the sea and its wonders since coming to Albiele Town. Not surprisingly, he has been able to track down a fair number of texts by listening to the stories and tales of the locals as well as the pirate clan members. His growing library is open to all and sundry for free, although visitors are encouraged to make small donations to Nesirie (which Gaeran uses primarily to fund the acquisition of more books, maps and old manuscripts.

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