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Gender/Race: Male human (Anuirean)
Class/Level: Priest (Eloéle) 4
Bloodline: None
Blood Abilities: None
Alignment: CE
Hit Points: 26
Str 7 (Sta 7/Mus 7) Dex 15 (Aim 15/Bal 15) Con 13 (Hea 11/Fit 15) Int 13 (Rea 14/Kno 12) Wis 17 (Int 18/Wil 16) Cha 9 (Lea 8/App 10)
Major Spheres: Animal, Chaos (ToM), Charm, Divination, Sun
Minor Spheres: All, Healing, Necromantic
Favourite Spells:
Thief Abilities:PP 30% OL 20% FT/RT 15% MS 25% HS 30% DN 25% CW 65% RL 0% Backstab: x2
Other Abilities: Blind-fighting (required proficiency), 30? infravision (granted power), command undead
Equipment: Leather armour, The Twins (see below), 3 daggers (including priestly dagger, doubles as holy symbol), a vial of Type C poison (used to coat his daggers - there is enough for half a dozen applications)
Description/History: Stiele Ranorn is a tall, lanky man whose seemingly stupid and clumsy behaviour hides both a body and a mind that are extremely agile. His long, light brown hair is always untidy and his different colored eyes (blue and green) do little to detract from his odd appearance. Very few people are aware of Stiele?s subterfuge (his fellow Night Rogues are about the only ones) and he always takes advantage of those who dismiss him as a hopeless incompetent. Stiele wears dark grey, bulky clothes that hangs off his slender frame and conceals his leather armor. In amongst the folds of his clothes, Stiele conceals all manner of equipment, in particular the pair of throwing knives that tales call The Twins (described in detail below) and the black dagger which marks him as a priest of Eloéle.
When not putting on his ?not quite mentally stable? act for the benefit of the majority of the town?s inhabitants, Stiele has a very short temper. However, rather than flying off the handle, when he is angry, Stiele tends to look for ways to bring as much pain and suffering as is possible to the reason for his rage. He will go about this in a totally cold and calculating fashion and is almost impossible to distract from the task of exacting his punishment.
Stiele is a member of the Eloéle of Mieres (EOM) church, who are hoping to extend their influence into the growing Albiele Town. As is usual practise for Eloélean faiths, the EOM has strong connections with Mieres? criminal and trade activities and they are following the same formula in Albiele Town (although Albiele Town has no organised trading yet, apart from smuggling). Stiele was quick to agree to become a formative member of the Night Rogues thieves guild (described in Rashad el-Hamil?s entry, above), seeing the emerging guild as a golden opportunity to expand Eloéle?s influence.
The Twins
This pair of daggers are of recent construction, having only been made about 15 years ago. The two daggers are identical in appearance, each having a four inch blade that bears the symbol of the unknown weaponsmith who forged them and a hilt made of glistening white ivory that is carved with spiral decorations. All known contaminants (dirt, blood and the like) simply slide right off the daggers and they are likewise immune to rust.
It is not known who the daggers were originally intended for, as they were stolen from their creator, a non-regent wizard from Diemed named Caena, less than a day after they were completed. The thief (or thieves, more likely) was never identified but the twin knives where seen in the possession of a Dieman merchant several weeks later. Before Caena could attempt to recover her property, the merchant was the victim of a mugging and the daggers were stolen again. The mugging was no coincidence, however. The thugs who carried out the theft worked for Orthien Tane (the regent of the Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports Guild), who had learned of the magical knives through one of his many spies, and desired to own them.
True to form, however, the daggers were stolen again, this time by an independent pirate ship, while they were being transported to Orthien (who was in Roesone at the time). All record of The Twins (as they had become to be known) was lost after the pirates stole them. The only clue as to where they may have been taken was that the pirate ship responsible for the theft operated out of Mieres. However, quiet searches in several Mieren cities by both Orthien and Caena turned up nothing but dead ends.
Exactly how Stiele Ranorn came to be in possession of The Twins is not known (and he certainly isn?t telling), but end up with them he did. He is fully aware that both Orthien Tane and Caena would certainly investigate any rumors of the daggers and has been extremely careful to keep them out of sight. He only uses them when no one is around to see (or at least no one that he?s not about to kill). Even the other members of the Night Rogues guild are unaware of Stiele?s possession of the daggers (although Rashad would know them on sight, and the other two guild members know about The Twins but do not know what they look like).
The Twins function as +1 daggers when used in melee. However, when they are thrown, their true power becomes apparent (they still gain a +1 bonus to hit and damage rolls when hurled). When thrown at a living, corporeal and non-plant target, if the first dagger hits, the second one does automatically, landing within half an inch of the first one (some DM discretion may be necessary here, depending on the size and shape of the target). Both daggers must be thrown by the same person in the same round in order for this effect to occur. The wielder of The Twins can choose not to throw the second dagger in the same round and forego the automatic hit effect if he or she wishes.

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