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The tax of scutage, in feudalism, allows a knight to pay in coin to satisfy the obligation of military service due to his liege. This term is derived from the Old Andu word for a knightly shield: scutum. The tax is also sometimes called shield money. The amount that is due is called the knight's fee. Based on the value of a manor, the manorial lord's obligation can be summoned annually by his liege. The purpose of this aid is to support his liege in war or other crisis. A liege who demands scutage outside of war or some other crisis often finds himself facing rebellious vassals.
Scutage is very common in Brechtür, where many lords prefer to spend their time in trade than in war. In Anuire and the Rjurik Highlands, most lords who are able prefer to serve honorably and win glory rather than pay their lord to satisfy their obligation.

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