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[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The Green Brothers follow a simple doctrine of care for the land and thanks for the harvest. Unlike circles of druids just over the mountains in Rjurik they do not consider themselves guardians of the entire community, or leaders to whom all should look for guidance. They content themselves knowing that all people depend upon Erik's bounty for sustenance, and thus all must give some fealty to Erik in time.
In the eyes of the Green Brothers, Erik is a member of a pantheon headed by Sera. Each god fulfills their role in the pantheon with Erik's being to protect the land and provide food for the faithful of the gods. Likewise the Green Brothers fulfill a single role in the wider church and do not seek to grow beyond it or challenge the role of other faiths in the church.


Itinerant druids in Danigau prayed over the crops and gave guidance on planting and the like centuries before the Green Brothers ever formed as an organsiation. Almost three centuries ago a charismatic priest-regent of the temple of Sera's Perfekt Symmetry convinced most of these druids to work within the Symmetry. The druids gained small altars in the main temples, the right to lead the harvest and sowing ceremonies, and to offer counsel in matters relating to management of the land. In return the druids left matters of Sera (rulership, trade, politics, diplomacy, marriage, law, etc) to Sera. The druids became known as the Green Brothers for their verdant robes and were instrumental in the creation of the New Forest which they protect to this day.
While on occasion some druids of strong views have sought to break free of Sera's guidance, however most of the Green Brothers prefer a quiet monkish life and scorn druids who seek to spread the worship of Erik as forsaking the land for the people and thus losing sight of the reason for which they labor.

[top]Major Centers of Worship

The Green Brothers have few temples that amount to more than a space in one of the temples dedicated to Sera or simple grassy meadows used in their rituals. One of their few actual temples is in the New Forest of Caebstrech where a deceptively small building in the shadow of an old oak hides a large interior chamber built in the hollow beneath the roots of the oak.

[top]Important Figures

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