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Arms of the Fearless BrothersArms of the Fearless Brothers

The Fearless Brothers are a dedicated and spiritual order of heralds who undertake the most dangerous missions a herald can see. They spend their time in prayer, mediation, and exercise, maintaining a peak of physical and pious readiness. They seek to emulate Cuiraécen himself as the herald of Haelyn and will face any danger, fight any foe, and undergo any journey to deliver the message they are charged to carry.
The Fearless Brothers can be an affiliation in your campaign.

Symbol: The Fearless Brothers bear their own arms if they have any on their shields, but they all wear a tabard with the arms of Fearless Brothers.

Background, Goals, and Dreams:

Enemies and Allies: The Fearless Brothers have no special hated enemies, and their only allies are other organizations of the Militant Order of Cuiraécen.


Type: Heralds College

Scale:12 Heartlands of Anuire

Affiliation Score Criteria: The Fearless Brothers seek expert heralds whose dedication to the heralds' duty is beyond compare.
CriterionAffiliation Score
Character Level+1/2 PC's level
5 or more ranks in Diplomacy+1
10 or more ranks in Diplomacy+2
Deliver a message for the Fearless Brothers+2 (-4 if you fail)
Titles, Benefits, Duties: Advancing among the Fearless Brothers involves the possibility of chivalric awards.
Affiliation ScoreTitle: Benefits and Duties
3 or lowerNo affiliation
4-10Red Currier: You may travel through any realm with diplomatic immunity.
11-19Silver Satchel: You reputation of the order strikes fear in observers, this provides a +2 circumstance bonus to Intimidation checks.
20-29Golden Scroll: The network of heralds crisscrossing the Heartlands allows you to make a Gather Information check about anything in the Heartlands from any temple of Cuiraécen. Those who benefit from strife without honor will attempt to thwart you. If you fail to anticipate those who would stop you, a DC 20 Gather Information test, you must face a DC 9 challenge with the ability to delay or prevent your mission.
30 or higherMaster Herald: You may claim an audience with a rival (but not enemy) affiliation head within 1d4 weeks once every domain turn (three months).
Executive Powers: Excommunicate, Pariah, Research

Using the Fearless Brothers in your campaign

The Fearless Brothers is an elite college of heralds in the Militant Order of Cuiraécen. Like Cuiraécen himself, the herald of Haelyn, they undertake the most dangerous missions of diplomacy.

Capital: 12 Violence: +2 Espionage: +2 Negotiation: +5
Lore: Characters with Gather Information or Knowledge (Religion) can research the Fearless Brothers to learn more about them. When a character succeeds on a skill check, the following information is revealed, including the information from lower DC's.

DC 10: The Fearless Brothers are a heraldic college.

DC 15: The Fearless Brothers the most dedicated heralds one will find.

DC 20: The Fearless Brothers always seem to be one step ahead of their rivals.

DC 30: The Fearless Brothers' Grand Master is Ruormad Dhalsiel, personal herald of Fhylie the Sword.

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