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This page is considered a guideline on BRWiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which many editors agree with in principle. However, it is not policy.

[top]Working with Stubs

Throughout BRWiki are articles with little or no content that have been created with the intention of filling them in. These are refered to as stubs and are tagged specifically to tell visitors that they are, in fact, stubs, and to make it easier for other contributors to find them.

Stubs Quicksheet *


Beware repercussions

[top]Marking articles as Stubs

According to the BRWiki stub policy, editors and writers should tag unfinished articles as "stubs". These are templates that add the article to a stub category so that they can be tracked down later for further addition and expansion.
The {{Stub/}} tag can be used at the top of pages, as well as inside sections of the page.
The stub templates also provide a visual cue to visitors that this page is indeed not finished, and, who knows, it might prompt some of them to start contributing to BRWiki!

This article or section is a (something) stub.   You can help expand it by clicking  edit  above.
  • If you're stumped (pardon the horrible pun) as to which category to use, use {{Stub/Other}}, but please try to use one from the Stubs Quicksheet to the right (→).

[top]Finding Stubs

If you created a stub previously and need to find it again, or just want to help fill out some stubs, start looking in Stubs. It contains a listing of all the stub categories – each of the different stub templates place articles in their own category, e.g. "Stubs/Item", "Stubs/Quest", etc.

[top]Fixing a Stub

  • Looking at the  discussion  page, or pages that link to the page ("What links here" link in the left hand toolbar), might give you valuable clues to what the page should contain.

  • While working on the article, you should generally leave the {{Stub/}} tag in.

  • If you think the article you worked on is complete enough (has the basic information the article's title suggests), you can remove the stub tag.

[top]Descriptions of stubs

Here follow detailed descriptions of when each type of stub tag should be used:
Current stub templates in use at [[BRWiki]], each linking to a particular category:     [[1]SERVERNAME[/var]Template:localurl:template:stubdescriptions edit]]


Please do not use the uncategorized {{Stub}} tag on BRWiki.

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