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This page is considered a guideline on BRWiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which many editors agree with in principle. However, it is not policy.

Shortcut: WW:IMAGE

This guideline outlines good file formats to use for images uploaded to [[BRWiki]], and steps that can be taken to make them display better and/or become lighter for download.

[top]Copyrighted Birthright images

Images from Birthright sources may be used here on since the site has an agreement with Wizards of the Coast.
A "(C) Wizards of the Coast 1996-2008" *MUST* be put below the image when being used. The {{Imagecopyright}} template will help here.
Where possible, include the name of the artist on the image's description page. If it is not clear that it is a modified image (e.g. background added to existing portrait, colour added to a black and white image), then indicate this as well. For instance:
Original: (C) Wizards of the Coast 1996-2008
:Modified by A N Artist
If the modification is substantial (e.g. an amended map), then only the artist who did the modification needs to be mentioned.


Images that require transparency should use the PNG file format. GIFs also handle transparency, but only in an on-off sense; they do not allow smooth shading (anti-aliasing) of edges, which is required to work with our different wiki skins, and they only support 256 colors.

"I" icon

Make sure to save the background color element in the PNG file as "#333333" so that it renders properly under the BRWiki skin in Internet Explorer 6, which does not handle PNG transparency properly. See the article on the GIMP for more information on how to do this.


Nearly all game icons are already in the Wiki! Don't upload new ones unless you're certain it's not already in here.
  • See BR Icons for a listing of all icons already in the wiki.
  • Use the PNG file format for icons. It allows the corners to be transparent, and doesn't mangle the colorspace like GIF does.
  • Name icons according to their in-game name. See BR Icons/Icon List.
  • Categorize your uploaded icons in one or more sub categories of BR Icons

[top]On compression

  • JPG: Compression levels of 80-85% normally do the job. In no case should you ever have to go above 90%; the minimal increase in image quality does not outweigh the increased file size.

  • PNG: Reducing the number of unique colors in the picture will make PNG files much smaller. See the article on the GIMP for how to do it in that image editor.

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