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Arms of HeinrichArms of Heinrich

Male Brecht Noble 1/ Fighter 1; CR: 2

Graf of Starkhundt

Lineage of Greater Nobility

Minor Bloodline of Vorynn, 22

LE Medium Humanoid (augmented)



Languages Brecht, Goblin


Fort + , Ref + , Will +


Melee Atk


Base Atk ; Grapple

Abilities Str x (+x), Dex x (+x), Con x (+0x), Int x (+x), Wis x (+x), Cha x (+x)

Feats: Combat Expertise, Leadership, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (Rapier)

Skills: Administrate +x (x ranks +x), Diplomacy +x (x ranks +x), Gather Information +x (x ranks +x), tba

Special Qualities: Mebhaighl sense. tba



framed|Heinrich Stark

Typical Dialogue:

You are my ears sweet Gretchen, I will dispose of the snooping fool that dares doubt my honor before they whisper their lies to my enemies.

What do I care for your excuses or your whining? You are guilty, mine to dispose of as I please; convince me why I should not decorate my gate with your head if you wish to keep it above your shoulders.

I will have vengeance for my son, weak though he was Theresa; first I shall claim your son, then your entire family, then finally you yourself. I will destroy every shred of your families honor; make a ruin of all your investments, break any who speak your name with pride.


Heinrich Stark is the Graf of Starkhundt. He is married to Magdalena Ulbrun. Their children include the recently late Richard Stark and Lisbeth Stark. His parents were Richard Klaus Stark and Helena Daubreisch.
The Graf of Starkhundt is a cruel man prone to black depression and sudden anger. Of late Heinrich has gone from quiet disdain for other nobles to a much harsher approach, openly mocking then for their faults and brutally taking advantage of perceived weakness. In part this change of perception is caused by Heinrich?s mistress Gretchen Weisschal. Gretchen has fed Heinrich?s feeling of superiority and natural cruelty and in so doing gained a substantial amount of influence over him.
One of the things that Heinrich is most bitter about is his bloodline ? when his father died Heinrich inherited no strength from his father as the bloodline passed to another and Heinrich has a number of spies active looking for someone able to alter their appearance as a result. A number of performers and con-men have found themselves at the not-so-tender mercies of the Graf being accused of theft, their brutalized bodies have occasionally been found by the Hoklep lifeguards and rumors are starting to spread to Blackruft of slavers, assassin guilds and worse.
Heinrich routinely creates intrigues to detect disloyalty or excessive greed amongst his minions, on occasion these intrigues have grown beyond his control and he has then employed mercenaries to eliminate the evidence of his involvement.
Heinrich levies severe punishments in his courts ? few escape the maximum punishment permissible under Danig law when they are brought before him and he has ruined many families with his fines. Heinrich is however equally harsh to the minor nobles who normally escape censure due to their status and this has earned him the intense dislike of many of the lordlings of Starkhundt.
Heinrich has grown increasingly harsh over time and some suggest that he now resorts to torture to extract confessions or punish those who are impudent to him in court; these rumors are whispered only however ? Heinrich is said to have many agents who would carry such treasonous words to him. Count Erik Danig had spoken increasingly sharply to Heinrich in recent months regarding the Graf?s brutality however Heinrich?s clear efficiency at running his province had spared him any formal censure.
Heinrich?s young son Richard was recently killed in a sudden, unexplained duel with Everard Tallon; the common reasons for a duel (women, some insult, drunkenness) appear absent, and the ferocity of the duel on both sides (Richard reputedly frothed at the mouth!) left witnesses shocked, the witnesses have vanished however aside from Gretchen Weisschal, and Heinrich exults in the approach of the headsman?s axe, and has openly boasted he plans to wield it himself.

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