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Arturo el-Hajjaj
Chaotic Evil (not recommended)

Feudal monarchy
Nasri (State Religion),

Foodstuffs, cloths, etc.
GB Income
x GB (Province x GB; Law x GB; Trade x; Rent x GB; Tribute x GB)
RP Income
x RP (Province x RP; Law x RP)
GB Expenses
x GB (Army x GB; Fortifications x GB; Court x GB; Ports and Shipyards x GB)
x GB
Acc. Regency
x RP
2 units of Khinasi Spearmen in Djinara, and 2 units of Khinasi Marines with his fleet of 5 Zebecs and 6 Dhouras.


Djinara is a land of anarchy ruled by scurvy pirates and criminals. Ruling over this hive of scum and villany is the pirate lord, Prince Arturo el-Hajjaj.

[top]Life and Society

The pirates live life loudly, whenever a ship returns victorious the pirates feast late into the nights until their money runs out and their are forced back to the sea to win more booty. The other folk of the city provide all the services the pirates need and live from the booty brought back by the pirates. Away from the city of Djinara the folk live mostly quite lives of fishing, lumbering, and harvesting.

[top]The Land

The island is hilly and covered by jungle for the most part, long curving beaches of breathtaking beauty line the shores while the interior is unexplored wilderness for the most part.


The shipyards of Djinara build cruel zebecs and swift Dhouras in addition to a multitude of smaller vessels. Almost all the population is involved with the sea in some manner, either through piracy, fishing, or logging wood for the shipyards. The long standing piracy has weakened the interest of the people in actual work - why slave for weeks to craft something when you can win it by strength and guile? This attitude has also begun permeating within the province and the weak are increasingly looked down upon as mere prey by their stronger neighbors.


Aqaba is moderately populated and unlike the other provinces of Djinara grows more food than it needs, exporting grains and tubers to the other provinces and even beyond. Fishing is another staple industry, and of all the provinces piracy is least ingrained in the people in Aqaba.


The jungle of Forhal is still dense, though not as impassible as that of Tamijha. The inhabitants live along the coast and subsist on fishing, foraging in the jungle, and on what their raiders can pillage and bring home.


This province is an uninhabited jungle, the pirates sometimes venture here to cut lumber for their ships but otherwise avoid the province like the plague. Only the mysterious mage Rafiq Nafini dares walk the province frequently, if he is bothered by the legendary beast-men said to dwell within the forest he tells no one.


Long a poor forgotten backwater used mainly as a cheap source of lumber and fresh water by passing merchants Djinara is slowly turning into a true realm as the harvesting of trees for lumber slowly pushes back the jungle and the growing wealth of the pirates encourages settlement.


If anyone openly spoke against the pirate Lord, Arturo would crush them without hesitation. Sadly for the pirate he has less skill in intrigue than he does brute force and a multitude of pirates and others plot his downfall. So far the people welcome the wealth his pirates have brought in but this is a fickle popularity and if the wealth ever stopped flowing Arturo would find few friends amongst his people.

[top]Important Figures

About seven years ago, the leader of the Black Corsairs pirate clan, Arturo el-Hajjaj (MKh, F7, Az, major 56, LE), staged a coup against the weak and ineffectual monarchy of Djinara. After easily defeating them, he crowned himself Prince of Djinara. By this point in time el-Hajjaj has already built an reputation for infamy which made him wanted in every realm of the Golden Archipelago. Now he has built upon that record by raiding the shipping of every realm and guild he can get away with, even destroying the Semaran fortress of el-Zulif and forcing the Semarans to pay tribute.
El-Hajjaj stands at about six feet in height, has oily, shoulder length, black hair, and wears the scar running down his right cheek with pride.
Not much is known about the Prince's background, but most agree that he was originally from Sardalas and that he cheated his way up from a low life street scum to scum with a title.
Majid min Forhal (MKh, P4 Nasri, Ma, minor 18, LE), is the High Priest of the Holy Faith of Nasri. When the HFN was apart of the Southern Seas of Nasri, he served as a lieutenant to Kalilah min Aqaba. When the Prince took power, and Kalilah was forced from her temple in Aqaba, el-Hajjaj put Majid on the throne. Majid was born into a role in the church and never had much of an interest in the faith itself. So, he now uses the church resources to host large parties and create large monuments to the Prince and himself. In his lavish consumption of the temple's resources, the High Priest has gained two hundred pounds and may be the fattest man on the island.
Azad Jarah (MKh, F3, Br, tainted 9, CE) is the leader of the Island Marauders pirate clan and is noted for several daring raids. He hides a secret hatred for el-Hajjaj and seeks to replace him someday.
The Island Marauders maintain 1 unit of Khinasi Marines, 2 Zebecs, 2 Dhouras.
Galia Rajaa (FKh, F3, Ma minor 21, LE) commands the Golden Sea Corsairs clan. She has managed to pull a few strings (she is related to the Bey of Forhal) to get herself some minor influence in that province. She despises Azad Jarah but lacks the influence to oppose him. Popular rumor among her clan says that she has fallen in love with the Prince.
The Golden Sea Corsairs: 1 Zebec, 3 Dhouras.

[top]Plots and Rumors

Rumors of hidden treasure constantly circulate the islands, the family of the deposed prince may yet live and plot their revenge, while the impenetrable jungles of Tamijha are said to contain ancient ziggurats atop which reptilian beasts sacrifice captured youths to their inscrutable dark gods. it is said by some that priests following Belinik have begun traveling on the ships of the pirates though this is laughed off as mere hearsay by most.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Djinara
Djinara (4/3)AHa (2)HFN (2)AHa (2)Ran (3)
AzJ (1)AzJ(2)
Aqaba (5/4)AHa (1)HFN (3)AHa (2)Ran (4)
Forhal (2/5)AHa (2)HFN (2)AHa (1)Ran (2)
Tamijha (1/6)Ran (6)
Abbreviations: AHa= Arturo el-Hajjaj (Djinara), HFN= Holy Faith of Nasri (Majid min Forhal), RaN= Rafiq Nafini, AzJ= Azad Jarah, GRa= Galia Rajaa;

  • Law: The Prince's police forces patrol the island, making sure that all pirates on it pay a share of their spoils to the Prince. A small amount of law is claimed by the Island Marauders clan, under the leadership of Azad Jarah.
  • Temples: Long ago, the Southern Seas of Nasri made this isle their home. The church was often the only thing that held the fractious realm together and the church even ruled it as a theocracy from time to time when no suitable prince could be found. However, when el-Hajjaj came to power that all changed. The SSN opposed el-Hajjaj's overthrow of the ruling prince and after the pirate lord's victory he began a campaign against the temple. In a fierce battle, the Temple of Aqaba, center of worship for Nasri on the isles, was burned to the ground and the leaders of the SSN driven off of the island. El-Hajjaj then placed one of his lackeys in charge of the temples to Nasri in the realm. Thus the Holy Faith of Nasri was born.
  • Guilds: Most of the guilds are run by the Prince, and they represent his numerous legitimate and frequently illegitimate activities on the island. The Island Marauders have enough influence in Djinara that they control half of the merchant activity. The other guild in the land is led by Galia Rajaa of the Golden Sea Corsairs, which operates out of Aqaba.
  • Sources: The magic in the realm is controlled by the mysterious mage Rafiq Nafini (M?, W?, ?,?), a dark skinned foreigner from Djapar. No one knows why he left Djapar and set up shop in Djinara, but there are many stories.

[top]Other realm Information

No realm calls Djinara an ally. However, several pirate clans and individual corsairs make Djinara their home. These pirates must pay the Prince ten percent of their spoils in return for a safe harbor in the capital. Several other pirates that do not reside on Djinara also call the principality an ally.
Nearly every civilized realm in the Sahirde el-Mehare counts Djinara as an enemy.

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