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Two generations of men past, the guilds offended the sidhe nation of Tuarhievel. The haters of men among the elves clamoured for war against Dhoesone. Wiser heads counciled a more subtle path. The Baron of Dhoesone, Donald Dhoesone was presented with an ultimatum. Either he surrender his daughter, and heir, to the elves to be raised in the sidhe court, or Queen Ibelcoris Llyrandor would unleash the army to settle the abuses of the humans in the forests. The Baron, in order to protect both his family and his realm, accepted with deep grief at the loss of his infant daughter. His daughter, Fhiele Dhoesone, was taken to be raised by the elves. His wife, Laurel Flaertes was unable to manage the loss, however, and died several years later wandering out onto a partially frozen lake after what she took to be the sight of her child.
Reluctantly, the Baron remarried. The new couple had two sons. Aartric was the older son and so Fhiele Dhoesone's much younger half brother. Raised in the household of the baron, Aartric never knew if it would fall on him to succeed as baron, or if Fhiele would return upon their father's death. Though the mysterious half-elf Rhuimach Taeline could not, or would not, tell him if he would ever become baron, the preternaturally young friend of Prince Fhileraene did tell him that his infant son, Daeric Dhoesone would never rule the land.
Aartric knew the burdens of laboring to be qualified to rule, and frustrated that it might never come to pass, so he sought another path for his son. He considered having him raised by Haelyn's Aegis as a mighty warpriest. But even at a young age, young Daeric evidenced marvelous intelligence. He became a masterful expert in Mathematics who had a talent for watching the tricks played by traveling magicians. When he copied all of the magician's simple legerdemain, his father had him sent to the Imperial College of Magic in the City of Anuire.
When the old Baron took to his sick bed at great age, Aartric's fate remained uncertain. However fate stepped in when Aartric's brother-in-law, the Count of Soniele was accidentally killed in a hunting accident. Rumors flew that he had given away his forests to the guilds and that the elves assassinated him, but this was just speculation. Aartric's wife and her sister wew both possible heirs, but Rhuimach Taeline suggested that Aartric and his wife succeed in exchange for a vow to relinquishing his claims to the barony. Soon after, Fhiele announced that she would return to Dhoesone upon the death of her father.
Aartric, now a middle aged man, ruled in Soniele for a few years, with great skill and nobility, applying the training that might be been used governing the barony. When his son returned from to South Coast and began acquiring the sources of the realm, a deep satisfaction overtook Aartric, that his son would not share his fate as a third wheel. Young Daeric would have his own purpose as a great wizard and count of Soniele. When his wife died of a terrible winter fever, Aartric made his peace with the world and settled in to await his own death. He died the following winter of pneumonia.

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