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Brother Wilheim Stark is a friar in the Independent Churches of Sera. He is the cousin of Baron Heinrich Stark.
Wilheim serves under one of the animates in the temple in Starkhundt. He knows the beast's true nature ? it feeds from him regularly, but he is too afraid of the creature to alert his cousin or the Count, Erik Danig, to it. Instead he conceals the truth about the being and helps it to maintain the charade that it is faithful old Father Baen, the charismatic priest who led the temples of Sera in Starkhundt, Talhundt and Hoklep to break away from the "rudderless" church of Sera's Perfekt Symmetry.
In truth Wilheim would like nothing better than to see high priest Darold Wohlkern storm into the temple at the head of a band of knights and destroy the animate. The one time he confided his fears in another ? his wife Frederica Hürgen ? she betrayed him to the Ice Lady and forced him to actively assist the animate in making the church?s doctrine harsher. Over time elements of Kriestal's worship have slowly replaced Sera's teachings.

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