The Ruins of Empire PBEM is still alive and doing well. The first "chapter" of the game (turns 1-20) have just been completed, with the second chapter (turns 21-40) scheduled to being early December 2002. Turn 21 is Spring 1525HC (552MR)

The game has run for a while now, from October 2000. One BR turn per month is standard, with slightly longer turns during major holidays or where the exams start looming...

The game is full of house rules, but is recognizably BR, so new players shouldn`t have any major difficulties adapting. I use 3E as the basis for the campaign. All necessary rules and information on domains or campaign background can be accessed in electronic format. Posession or knowledge of BR material is therefore no requirement, although some insight into the game world would be beneficial.

The game is still under development, with new material being added and old rules (2E) being revised. Players are encouraged to speak their mind and participate in this process. I hope to have a more or less completely revised 3E game by the end of turn 20 (late autumn 2002).

The game is set along the South Coast of Anuire, with the landed regents there being the focus of the campaign.

The game has expanded somewhat. While the South Coast is still the core area, it is now possible to play certain realms/domains in neighboring regions. The Eastern Marches in particular, and to a certain degree the southern ares of the West Coast, are now available.

Taeghas (N) - Available, with reservations
Brosengae (CN) - Available, with reservations
City of Anuire (LN) - NPC
Endier (NE) - NPC
Diemed (LE) - Taken
Medoere (N) - Taken
Ilien (N) - Taken
Roesone (N) - Taken
Aerenwe (NG) - Taken
Mieres (NE) - Taken
Osoerde (CE) - NPC
Elinie (LN) - Available
Coeranys (CG) - Available
Dhalaene (LE) - Available

Orthodox Imperial T. of Haelyn (LE) - NPC
Impregnable Heart of Haelyn (LG) - Available
Eastern Temple of Nesirie (NG) - Taken
Eeloele of Mieres (CN) - Available
Belinik of Mieres (CE) - NPC
True Church of Belinik (CE) - NPC
Life & Prot. of Avavalae (LN) - Available

Port of Call Exchange/EH (LE) - NPC
S. Anuire Shipping and Imports/OT (CN) - Available
Spider River Trader/SG (LG) - Available
Royal GuildG/DW (LN) - Available

Hermedhie (CN) - Available
Mhistecai (CN) - NPC
Sworn Lovers (NE) - Available
Three Brother Mages (N) - Available

Wardens (CG) - Taken
Count of Bellam/Berendor Coster (NE) - Available
Ghoere/Sword Mage (CE) - Available
Ghieste/Hightland Overland Traders (NE) - Available


Ilien/Medoere/Roesone is fighting Diemed, and Diemed is winning. Only Braeme is still under the control of the Alliance. Count Aglondier is mortally wounded, and both Suris Enlien and Duke Diem are missing and presumed dead.

Aerenwe/Elinie/Coeranys/ETN/SRT is fighting Osoerde and are taking a bloody beating, despite numerical superiority.

A coup in Ghoere have divided that Kingdom into three parts; one commanded by the late King`s Guildmaster, the other by the Knight-Marshal of the Iron Guard and the third by the Sword Mage.

Everybody is fighting the Black Galley Raiders, vile pirates who raid the coasts of southeastern Anuire.

Prince Avan has been defeated by Archduke Boer and led in chains to Seaharrow, while much of the Principality has been pillaged and burned.

Anything can happen, and you can be part of it....

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