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This prosperity lasted until Michael Roele, the last of the line, became so sure of his power that he had the audacity to challenge the Gorgon. Slipping into the Gorgon's citadel, Michael braved untold dangers to face his kinsman, the most powerful of the awnsheghlien. Naturally, he was slain by the Gorgon. With his death the Empire fell, and the lands within were suddenly up for grabs. Instead of trying to make the Empire cleave together, the power-hungry dukes and lords sought to take it for themselves.

Naturally, with so many seeking the Throne, the Empire fell apart into so many warring kingdoms. The subjugated people threw off the Anuirean shackles and reclaimed their own destiny. Every ruler sought only his or her greater glory, ignoring the needs of the Empire as a whole. The regents and kings sought each other's heads and kingdoms. After a few hundred years of this chaos, all eventually settled enough that roughly stable borders could be drawn. Bloodlines emerged from this new chaos, as did new kings.

Still, the land is unsettled and divided, and even peaceful kingdoms must watch their borders against aggressive neighbors. The people yearn for peace, but every ruler believes that he, and only he, is the one to bring it to Cerilia. Because of this, the land continues its needless strife, and will until a true leader emerges from the many bloodlines.

[top]The Geography of Cerilia

Cerilia is a troubled land. A chaotic patchwork of nations, cultures, and religions is scattered throughout the land. Wars and feuds are common; even peaceful lands must vigilantly defend their borders against expansive neighbors and the plots of awnsheghlien. There can be no lasting peace until the Bloodlines stand united and end their eternal conflict.

Yet even though the history of Cerilia is a tragic one, there are glorious moments too. Strong kingdoms and rich cities stand from the Sea of Storms to the golden waters of the Dragonsea. It would be the labor of a lifetime to create an exhaustive list of Cerilia's divided realms, its towns and villages, and every dark forest or vine-covered ruin.

In the Royal Observatory of old Anuire, cartographers traditionally divided Cerilia into five regions: Anuire, Rjurik, Brechtur, Khinasi, and Vosgaard. Each was named after the principal people who dwelled there. Of course, over the years the boundaries of kingdoms shift and fail. In many places, the lands have fallen wild, or been claimed by one of the awnsheghlien. Despite this, these five regions make a good starting point for discussing the lands and sites of Cerilia.

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