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    Domain/Holdings question

    Hi all...

    I noticed today that the Hand of Azrai, The Gorgon's `priest', has Temple holdings even though she is not blooded.

    I thought you had to be blooded to have a domain, and hence you had to be blooded to have holdings.

    Is the Hand of Azrai a special case, or can any non-blooded character have holdings? If so, where is this stated?



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    If my memory serves me right the Gorgon rules every thing and that the Hand of Azrai is just a puppet that runs the temple and does the priestly things. She doesn't collect any regency as far as I know.

    In theory any non-blooded character can have holdings they just don't collect any Regency Points and would be pretty useless as a regent but someone could back them and spend Regency to help them if that was the arrangement. That is how I run things in my games anyway.

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    There are a couple of explanations:

    1) (The one I use) - a few awnsheghlien have found a way to become gods themselves and bestow priestly powers on a select few. The Serpent and Gorgon, namely. In this way, the regents gain power by "ruling" these holdings for their Powers. This is done by a special investiture ceremony, wherein the commoner can act as regent and receive RP points from their Power, but can't collect RP points like normal regents can. In exchange, the Domain Ruler can have someone else look after some holdings and thereotically gain three more actions for these holdings, and collect the RPs from them (if they qualify - usually, the Gorgon and Serpent have enough holdings to make this last point mute). I rule you have to have a True Bloodline for this to work. There is one exception to this, IMC, but that has no relevance here.

    2) They can rule, but only get 1 Domain action per turn. They never receive RP points, so their Domain actions are really limited (and essentially are forced to spend "Adventure" actions to get things done; not the ideal situation, but what's a Lord to do when they have such vast holdings?

    3) They can rule, but automatically fail any contested action. RPs costs can be converted to GBs on a 2 for 1 basis.

    4) They can rule but have to get their Province Holder to do actions on their behalf. (If, for some reason, the Province Holder is unblooded, I rule the country has no regent and can be taken/claimed by any blooded scion as in taming any new territory. Otherwise, if left alone, they just carry on as #2 above).

    That's how I reasoned it out and came to the #1 conclusion (seemed like the best option).
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    Thumbs up i got anwsers

    hers your anwsers
    refering to the Birthright Bible:

    any player can run a domain without being blooded
    BUT on the Aebrynis planet sometimes it is hardous because of the important print divine characters lefted on the lands...

    so the birthright books states that a guilder dont need blood to run a domain; as even priest, and fighters; only wizards MUST be blooded to tap energy from their realm

    BUT: the ouch is player can actually run a domain but DO NOT obtain any regency points, so it is becoming very difficult to do so against standard Cerilian animosity. The reason why The Hand of Azrai can rule its domain without problems is for it is located in the Gorgon's Crown... and that it is its lieutenant so master Raesene simply deliver RPs, while the Hand of Azrai only collect Gold Bars.

    There is NO rule changes such as special cost in GB, nor god actions or only having 1 Domain Action... It is just very difficult to do so... You have to be powerbacked; i had a player who wanted to start from the very bottom; i had him start without being blooded and he ruled for a long time without being blooded in the Giantdowns under the guidance of the Cariele ruler. I searched for rules to run it well and refered to the lost files of Birthright and on the book of priestcraft mainly as a base.

    This is for unlanded realms; for landed realms it becomes almost impossible to keep it as soon as a blooded characters apears around your domain.

    As a token of certitude, simply refer to the Internet Adurian expansion where you will find many unblooded regents, for the farther you are from the Deismaar range, the blood ration is diminued. On Djapar there is almost no blooded individuals. I have a full map of the planet if anyone wants to check it out.

    The blood in play only gives regents a better grip on his land! No?
    so remember

    Birthright is THE game for the real players...

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