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The following unique creatures are presented to aid in scoping the creation of unique creatures. Additional creature statistics will be released by regional area in the d20 Atlas of Cerilia.

[top]The Dread

Large Undead (Incorporeal)

The Dread was once one of Azrai?s lieutenants, perhaps the strongest of them all. A long, long time ago, he was a mortal servant of Azrai, who served loyally and well, and was rewarded by being warped by Azrai?s foul power, twisted into a being of shadow and darkness. The Dread fell across the land as his master?s shadow. Eventually, he grew bold, and attempted to seize mastery himself. He was inevitably defeated in the conflict that followed, and cast down and imprisoned by Azrai. The Dread appears similar to one of the lesser incorporeal undead ? a mere shadow of a being, though his presence is felt far more tangibly than the presence of any of the lesser undead. The Dread stands approximately nine feet tall, appearing as a gaunt, shadowy man. Most of its form is dark, but its face is light gray, a twisted skull-like countenance, starkly contrasting the remainder of its form.
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[top]The Ghoul

Medium-Size Humanoid (Awnshegh)

The Ghoul was once the son of a minor Khinasi noble, a pampered child with an insignificant bloodline. His entire family was brutally slain by another noble, due to some palace intrigue. The boy barely escaped with his life intact by hiding underneath the corpse of his father. He then had to make his living as a beggar upon the streets for many years ? until the day the nobleman that had slain his father was parading through the city, now appointed the lieutenant of the regent, in charge of the army. The beggar, now a young adult, recognized the slayer of his father from many years back. He quietly took up pursuit, then, when night fell, slipped into the palace of his father?s murderer and had his vengeance. When dawn fell upon him, he found the light of the sun hideously unbearable, and slipped into the old sewers beneath the city, his transformation to awnshegh having begun already, at unusual speed. After this deed was done, the Ghoul worked as an assassin with the Society of the Serpent for a time before succumbing completely to the curse of his dark blood. The Ghoul now wanders the land at night, a lethal killer and plotter with an insatiable lust for human flesh.
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[top]The Gorgon

Large Monstrous Humanoid (Awnshegh)

The Gorgon began life as Raesene, the oldest child of his father, the Lord of the First House of the Andu. From an early age, it seemed clear that he would help to shape the future of Cerilia. However, as a bastard child, the glory and attention went to his two legitimate half-brothers, Haelyn and Roele. Though his outward demeanor never betrayed him, Raesene envied them this attention and coveted it.
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[top]The Harrow

Large Outsider

The Harrow was one of Azrai?s lieutenants who escaped destruction at Deismaar. Once a fiend of great power, the Harrow was given even greater power by Azrai. The Harrow dutifully followed his master; his task was to keep the followers of his dark master loyal, and to slay those that defied Azrai. Months before the battle of Deismaar, the Harrow was sent by Azrai to bring to the ground a Vos priest of Vorynn, one who sought, with some success, to sway the Vos to the side of good. The Harrow went in search of that long-forgotten priest and fought him. As his life was ending, the priest cast a final spell to imprison both himself and the Harrow in a tomb beneath the mountain where they fought.
See Also: The Harrow

[top]The Ogre

Large Giant (Awnshegh)

The Ogre is an awnshegh of recent years and growing power. He was once a man called Droene, a mercenary leader of some skill; he hired out his services to many different realms and traveled across Cerilia seeking gold and glory. All that changed when he was hired by a particularly cruel and ambitious Khinasi lord. Droene realized that his employer would eventually betray him so he decided to turn the tables around and betray his master first. In the time that followed, a horrible awnshegh of some kind attempted to assassinate Droene but Droene survived and stole the creature?s bloodline.
See Also: The Ogre

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