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Many of the creatures found in any published compendium of creatures can be seamlessly inserted into a BIRTHRIGHT game. Some creatures, however, are more common (and these require less "backstory") than others. The following lists present recommended creatures from commercially available products. In many cases, the creature can be made even more appropriate by regionalizing its name. Rather than facing a swarm of stirges, for example, PCs in the wilds of Anuire might disturb a nest of leech-bats. Above all else, never forget that Cerilia has more unknowns than knowns. Most scions will never have faced a troll, and may not have any idea on how to best combat one. Feel free to make modifications to standard creatures to reflect an unusual derivation or history to the species; perhaps a species of troll was warped by Azrai such that they are highly resistant to fire. Above all else, characters in a BIRTHRIGHT campaign should never feel that the world is small or that they are fully aware of all dangers. As characters get more powerful, increase the scope of their activities so that they can continually face new and unknown dangers as well as dealing with well-known nemesis's.

[top]From the MONSTER MANUAL

Allip, Ankheg, Assassin Vine, Behir, Bugbear, Carrion crawler, Centaur, Cloaker, Dire Animals, Displacer Beast, Doppelganger, Dryad, Ettercap, Ettin, Frost Worm, Gargoyle, Ghast, Ghoul, Giant (Hill, Stone, Storm), Gnoll, Goblin, Griffon, Hag, Harpy, Hell Hound, Hippogriff, Merfolk, Nightmare, Nymph, Ogre, Ooze (all), Otyugh, Owlbear, Pegasus, Remorhaz, Sahuagin, Sea Lion, Shadow, Skeleton, Spectre, Sprite, Stirge, Treant, Troll, Unicorn, Wight, Will O' Wisp, Winter Wolf, Wolf, Worg, Wraith, Wyvern, and Zombie.

In addition, all types of animals and vermin can be found throughout Cerilia, in their normal climates. Creatures with the celestial, fiendish, ghost, lich, and lycanthrope templates can also be found under the right circumstances. Celestials, Demons, Devils, and Elementals are exceptionally rare; normally they will only be encountered if they have been summoned by a spellcasting character. Other monsters might be found in unique circumstances, remote geographic areas, or with unusual backgrounds.


[top]From the MONSTERS OF FAER█N

Leucrotta, Peryton.
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