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Thalia Armara was the daughter and eighth child of Thornton Armara and Theresa Bellannon. As a scion of the Armara house, she was a pious and charismatic young woman. Though she inherited Talinie as an infant of two years, her Armara bloodline could not be denied and she pursued a priestly career in the Northern Imperial Temple. Though there was resistance to seeing a Thane of Talinie also holding offices in the Northern Imperial Temple, as a direct descendant of Bhàtair Armara she was always a contender for the leadership of the temple. In her 45th year, she overcame the resistance of those that opposed her and united the state of Talinie and the Northern Imperial Temple, making explicit and alliance implied for generations.
She governed both as a single domain for twelve years until, in her 57th year, after a long and pious reign, Thalia choked on a ritual wafer and died.
She was married to Thurmond Donalls, Lord of Culkein, and of their three children, only Thuriene Donalls lived to adulthood.

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