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The Spears of Cuiraécen are young, active, and proud. They see any business but war as unfitting to them, and expect deference and appreciation from the people. Despite their considerable pride, the order serves as an important addition to the small army of Tuornen. While they pledge military service to the Count of the province where they live, the Spears take orders from the hierarchy of the Militant Order of Cuiraécen, not the feudal hierarchy of the realm in which they dwell. They can, and do, clash with the soldiers, sheriffs, and officials of the local province. They acknowledge no law but Haelyn's and reserve the right to a trial of their own peers in the Order overseen by one of their own priests of Haelyn. Some accuse them of being a state within a state, and their proficiency at arms both defends and threatens the local order. Cuiraécen is an enemy of tyranny, and abuses by local officials or even the count can result in hot-tempered knights righting the wrongs of the unjust authorities. Despite the troubles the Spears cause to their secular hosts, their military ability is undeniable and they are the only ones to win more often than they lose when they confront Rhuobhe Manslayer.

[top]Affiliation with the Spears of Cuiraécen

The Spears of Cuiraécen can be an affiliation in your campaign.

Symbol: Gules a semy of Spear Points Argent, overall a bolt of Cuiraécen

Background, Goals, and Dreams:

Enemies and Allies: Any military units of Rhuobhe Manslayer are hated enemies, and the only allies of the Spears are other organizations of the Militant Order of Cuiraécen.


Type: Fighting Company

Scale: 11 Heartlands of Anuire
Affiliation Score Criteria: The Spears of Cuiraécen seek recruits who will defend the people from all enemies and tyranny.
CriterionAffiliation Score
Character Level+1/2 PC's level
Fighter or Warrior+1
Weapon Focus (Spear) feat+2
Phalanx Fighting feat+2
Base attack bonus +5 or higher+1
Fights in a major battle with the Spears of Cuiraécen+4
Titles, Benefits, Duties: Advancing among the Spears of Cuiraécen involves the possibility of military ranks.
Affiliation ScoreTitle: Benefits and Duties
3 or lowerNo affiliation
4-10Irregular: You fight along side the Spears of Cuiraécen as irregulars throwing javelins and using bows to assist the main force.
11-19Regular: You fight in the main body in close order. Receive the Steadfast Resolve teamwork benefit. This provides a +2 circumstance bonus against fear effects.
20-29Sergeant: Receive the Hold the Line feat when five affiliates of the Spears of Cuiraécen form a line. Elves of Rhuobhe loath you, they strike with hate, +1 on damage rolls against you.
30 or higherLieutenant: +1 to your commander rating.
Executive Powers: War, Raid, Crusade

[top]Using the Spears of Cuiraécen in your campaign

The Spears of Cuiraécen is a knightly order of close order spearmen in the Militant Order of Cuiraécen. Its primary duties encourage them to seek out battle and win victory. They are expert spearmen and specially trained to receive a charge. If any enemy threatened their homelands with mounted troops, they would certainly seek to be present with the main army or otherwise counter than threat.

Capital: 12

Violence: +5

Espionage: +2

Negotiation: +2
Lore: Characters with Gather Information or Knowledge (Religion) can research the Spears of Cuiraécen to learn more about them. When a character succeeds on a skill check, the following information is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.

DC 10: The Spears of Cuiraécen are an elite knightly order of close order spears.

DC 15: The Spears of Cuiraécen are skilled as resisting charges.

DC 20: The Spears of Cuiraécen are resistant to fear.

DC 30: The Spears of Cuiraécen frequently augment their prowess with powerful battle spells.

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