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Ohlaak the DragonOhlaak the Dragon

Rjurik Sorcerer ??/Cerilian Battle Mage 4
Ohlaak the Dragon is considered a renegade among his people for teaching himself the art of arcane magic. Ohlaak is preparing to fight a bitter war with the White Witch using all of his resources and Battle Magic. This is because the White Witch caused the death of his beloved Kolfrosta. Even though the White Witch is a powerful regent and Awnshegh, Ohlaak maintains this blood feud. Ohlaak has taken the title The Dragon because he is one of the few Regent Battle mages of Cerilia.
Ohlaak was born among the nomadic Helskaar tribe. He grew up, gaining the attributes of a great Vorynn bloodline. At the age of six, he was beginning to make unusual things happen. Far from any wizard who could formally train him, Ohlaak learned to control his unusual talents himself. By the time he was sixteen, he was in full control of his magic. It was also the time he fell in love with the daughter of chieftain Abjörn the Just, Kolfrosta.
Their romance led to a wedding. As Ohlaak became a powerful sorcerer in the Rjurik Highlands, his wife bore him a handsome son and a beautiful daughter: Skalli and Freydis. However, as his talent grew, he attracted the attention of the White Witch. The haggard old crone abducted Kolfrosta and to her castle. Ohlaak pursued them both and confronted the White Witch in her stronghold.
There, the White Witch had tortured Kolfrosta and broken Ohlaak's wife's spirit. Ohlaak, incensed, challenged the White Witch to a duel of Magic. Although Divine Magic and Arcane Magic were two different things, Ohlaak was defeated. The victorious White Witch killed Kolfrosta and absorbed some of her Reynir bloodline. Ohlaak escaped, and returned to his tribe.
Angry, Ohlaak soon left the Helskaar tribe and traveled to Danigau, taking Skalli and Freydis with him. There, he met with Erik's father Adolf Danig. Ohlaak knew by then that the Counts of Danigau were powerful mages and that most had mastered Battle Magic. He wanted to learn Battle Magic in order to defeat the White Witch, the scourge of all Rjurik. Adolf Danig promised that he would teach Ohlaak, but he must foster Freydis to his own son Erik when she was of age. Ohlaak reluctantly agreed. His beautiful Freydís, a vixen by anyone's standards, became Erik Danig's apprentice and his mistress.
To further prepare for his war with the White Witch he sent his son Skalli to be foster with Daeric Dhoesone. With both his children under the protection of powerful wizards, Ohlaak proceeded with his plan. He is now building a power base in the southern Highlands, and he has a copy of the Danig dynasty's Book of War.

[top]DM's Note

In The Rjurik Highlands expansion, Ohlaak the Dragon was not given any notes as to how much of a Wizard he really was. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what kind of spellcaster he actually is and how knowledgeable he is. Ohlaak is one of several NPCs in Birthright that is totally up to you to flesh out.

[top]Other Options

  • Ohlaak is the disappeared child he is thought to be, having wandered into the Shadow World, seelie faeries took pity on the lost human child and protected him. In the Seelie Court Ohlaak learned magic and eventually sought out a return to his own people. En route he discovered that his magical ability would prevent his simple return to his village. Instead, he has taken up a crusade to help his people against their enemies without their even knowing of his existence.
  • Ohlaak is a distant cousin of King Varri. His Rjurik ancestor ran off with a Khinasi adventurer and the Dragon is a grandchild of that union, returned to assist his cousin. Given the Rjurik people's attitude towards true magic, the Khinasi-born cousin undertook his aid in great secrecy, indeed, not even Varri knows who Ohlaak is or that he is an ally.
  • Ohlaak is a the son of Hraadar the Red, a true mage who held the sources Ohlaak now holds in the same secrecy which Ohlaak now holds them. The Dragon cares nothing for politics or peoples, but pursues his own advantage and the advancement of his own domain as ruthlessly as any regent in the Taelshore.

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