The moon of Aebrynis is a sacred icon to many people. To humans, it is special to Ruornil, the god of secrets and magics. Its light is said to have power and can reveal knowledge that would otherwise be hidden. It is commonly associated with silver for its shine.
Thus there is a "Moon" clerical domain, which mainly contains spells which a priest of Ruonril can use to combat the darkness of the Shadow and the Shadow World. Prior to the Battle of Mount Deismaar, the moon was one of Vorynn's interests.
The Anuirean calendar is based on the lunar month. The new moon on the first of the month, full moon about the 16th, new moon by the 32nd (last day).

[top]Special Places and the Moon

Various locations are affected by the moon in special ways.

[top]Shadow World

Because of Ruornil's attachment to the moon, it cannot be truely seen anywhere in the Shadow World unless Ruornil himself feels that the area is freed of the domination of evil (cf. Interview_Ed_Carrie_Rich). Any other moon seen is a false reflections of the genuine thing -- "mockeries of Ruornil and of the true light of the world" (Ed Stark).

[top]Moonstrike Keep, Caerwil, Medoere


[top]The Well in Silverwell, Medoere

This ancient temple of Vorynn in Silverwell, Medoere, sometimes acts as a gate between the Shadow World and Cerilia. Without the moon in the sky, undead and other creatures of Shadow may creep into the Daylight World, but a full moon in summer can let Cerilians look or even travel into the Spirit World of the Faerie.

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