Maelgwin Edrandson

TalinieMaelgwin Edrandson
Maelgwin Edrandson was the son of Domhnall Edrandson and Mˇra Armara. As the nephew of Thalia Armara, Maelgwin was favored by his aunt, the Thane of Talinie. There was some consideration of a marriage between Maelgwin and his cousin, Thuriene Donalls, as such a match would have united the lines of succession from Edrand III. There has always been some concern that the decendents of Thornton Armara should be married to the house of Edrandson and the original bloodline of Jarod Dannis. Though Thalia favored the idea of a match, she had made many enemies by her unification of Talinie and the Northern Imperial Temple, and there was significant resistance to such a marriage as another reach for power by Thalia.
Instead, Maelgwin married Blaese Bellannon of the neighboring lordship of Benbecula. His aunt Thalia did favor him with the office of Chancellor. As Chancellor of Talinie, Maelgwin was a great friend of Boeruine and kept the Archdukes from interfearing in Talinie's affairs by assurances that the realm's chief minister was Boeruine's man. In fact, Maelgwin was a good diplomat, and while he did bring Talinie into closer rapport with Boeruine, he also prevented Boeruine from pressing any harder with its traditional claims to overlordship in Talinie.
Maelgwin was succeeded in both the Lordship of Balvanish and, after the brief tenure of Ramsden Halloravant, the Chancellorship of Talinie by his son, Landen Edrandson. Landen was not favored with high office by a greatful Thane, or through the affections of his second cousin, Thuriene Donalls, but rather upon his reputation as an opponant of Torias Griene. Maelgwin was an uncontraversial Chancellor who was known for keeping Boeruine happy. His son, Landen, is at the heart of contraversy with the powerful Hierarch of the Northern Imperial Temple, Torias Griene.
Maeldwin's second son, Carras Edrandson entered the service of Haelyn at Flodday. Their youngest son, Leland Edrandson was an adventurer in the Rjurik lands across the Tael Firth and is now a captain of Stjordvik's Horse Guards.
Maelgwin died in 547 MR, and is very recently passed.

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