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Thornton Armara is the son of an unknown father, for his mother, Marigold Armara, never revealed his identity. When his mother married Edrand IV, she convinced the Thane to adopt her son and name him as his heir. When Edrand IV, the Unfair, died, Marigold's influence at court, and the fact that Edrand's brother, Leland Edrandson was in Roesone, made Thornton's succession possible.
Thornton ruled as Thane from 441 MR to 481. He was married to Theresa Bellannon, a scion of Benbecula. Her death in 480 devastated him and he passed within a year.
His daughter, Thalia Armara, united the country of Talinie and the Northern Imperial Temple in her dominion.
Younger daughter Idele Armara was married to Caelan Dhoesone.

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