City of Rhosneibhal

The city of Rhosneibhal is the capital kingdom of Lluabraight and the most important elven center of the province of Rhosneibhal.

It grows gracefully like part of the forests, its curved rooftops and slender towers rising toward the sky. This is the last great elven city in the region: only a fraction of its once mighty populace remains. At the exact center of the city is the gleaming white pinnacle known as the Grand Master's (or Mistress's as appropriate) Tower, the still-beating heart of this ancient realm.

Though the great elven city is so wondrous as to be nearly painful in its grace and beauty, the site has been seen by human eyes but rarely. Even those humans fortunate or foolhardy enough to penetrate this deep into the forest are unable to perceive the city, for it's guarderd by potent illusions and appears to be nothing more than another stretch of pine forest.

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