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Ingric Ceolfrithsson was the Count of Giant's Fastness before his death, a few months ago. He had served since the death of his father, Ceolfrith Gardarsson. His mother, Morwe Huire, still lives. His sister, Ingrid is known as Redwolf, not after their father as she took her oaths as a druid.
Rhuimach Taeline, the half-elf who has served Tuarhievel as Dhoesone's Captain General since the time of Ibelcoris Llyrandor. Rhuimach sees Dhoesone pressed by three external dangers: Thurazor, the Blood Skull Barony, and the Giantdowns. As Count of Giant's Fastness, Ingric was in a key position regarding the downs. When a family of giants and their warband of men and Orogs established themselves in the Old Fort of Lemnjohen, Dhoesone was threatened. The giants and their warband raided Dhoesone, and Rhuimach and Ingric were determined to stop them. They decided to send a group of noble champions into the fort supported by a body of elite troops and some adventurers familiar with the Downs. Ingric would command the group, clear out the giants and leave Dhoesone secure.
Ingric was joined by Adrian Taeline, Rhuimach's great nephew and Aubrae Noralind, Ingric's neice. Rhuimach also recruited some old adventurers who knew the Downs well, lead by the skilled sidhe warrior, Lioch Dunnagh. At this time his party included Gris Oldstone and Dagmar Druesbane.
Rhuimach is a skilled ranger, noted captain, and directed by the Thorn Throne. He is not usually poorly informed. However the giants defenses were better than Rhuimach described and one of the giants was a spellcaster. Though the giants and their warband were defeated, Lioch Duhhagh and Ingric Ceolfrithsson had fallen in battle. Their valiant refusal to save themselves very probably saved the whole party from destruction.

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