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framed|Arms of Dagmar

Female Rjurik Noble 1/ Fighter 4; CR:5

effectively Jarl of Lemnjohen

Lineage of Lesser Nobility


LN Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 39/15

Init +0

Languages language

AC , touch , flatfooted

Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str 17, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 9



Special Qualities:

Description: Older than she looks, Dagmar has a twisted smile and closely cropped red hair that is just starting to turn gray. She is in excellent shape and bears a few scars from her very rough life.

Possessions: Improved mail, shield, longsword, longbow +1, bag of tricks, command insignia, heavy cloak, high boots.

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framed|Dagmar Druesbane

Typical Dialogue:

"Gris, old friend, you are not helping me by allowing your grief to drive you to the alecask. I am in need of your axe and your mason's eye. The wall in the south is in ruins where the giants threw their stone at us. You must repair it or we are not in a fort at all, but a trap."
"Good people, you misunderstand. I need volunteers to serve the Watch, but that does not mean that everyone can say 'no'. If we do not have enough to patrol the borders of Bjorlangen and the Kjarhoelle lands, I will decide who serves. We cannot afford to be surprised should they come after your families."
"Where are the druids of Bjorlangen? Are we to defend ourselves against Kriesha's favorite daughter without the strength of Erik's druids? Send word to Kalla Hogby what state we are in."

Dagmar came to the Giantdowns at a very young age, serving with a party of adventurers lead by the sidhe warrior, Lioch Duhhagh. At various times, members hailed from all over Cerilia. One by one members died amid the downs, fighting humanoids, giants, and - so rumors tell - ghosts in ancient barrows. New members were recruited to replace the fallen and the group rarely left the downs.
Rhuimach Taeline, a half-elf who has served Tuarhievel as Dhoesone's Captain General, knew Lioch from Tuarhievel and recently asked him for a favor. An old fort had been occupied by a family of giants and their warband of men and Orogs. From this fort, the giants and their warband raided into Dhoesone. Rhuimach had also recruited some nobles from Dhoesone to aid them, Ingric Ceolfrithsson, the Count of Giant's Fastness, Adrian Taeline, Rjuimach's great nephew and a full human, and Aubrae Noralind, a young noble woman who Dagmar thought reminded her of herself at that age.
Rhuimach is a skilled ranger, noted captain, and directed by the Thorn Throne. He is not usually poorly informed. However, the giants' defenses were better than Rhuimach described and one of the giants was a spellcaster. Though the giants and their warband were defeated, Lioch Duhhagh and Ingric Ceolfrithsson fell in battle. Their valiant refusal to save themselves very probably saved the whole party from destruction.
In the aftermath of clearing the old fort, Dagmar found maps and drawings of routes and passes favored by the Kjarhoelle clan.
Just a few days after excited news arrived in Bjorlangen about the capture of the old fort in Lemnjohen, a collection of Rjurik and humanoid forces swept into Bjorlangen and engaged The Watch. Though always on guard against the Kjarhoelle, the overwhelming strength, speed, and viciousness of the invaders crushed the Watch's resistance. The chief of the Kjarhoelle, Tjorvaal Kjarhoelle, promised security to those who swore an oath to him, and misery to those who opposed him. Most of the settlers fled to Lemnjohen and the old fort for protection. Roving bands of invaders swiftly pillaged what could be taken, but Tjorvaal's tribal forces seemed more interested in enslaving settlers before they could escape.

Chief Tjorvaal and his enlarged horde struck in such a way as to prevent the refugees of Bjorlangen from retreating to Midjarna, the best defended Rjurik province. The newly-liberated Old Fort acted as a lure in the opposite direction that was too tempting for the refugees to pass up. Dagmar presumes that the logical end to this plan is for Tjorvaal to attack and besiege the Old Fort of Lemnjohen with all of the settlers hiding inside it. The rest of the Watch is too far away to offer relief or assistance except through long detours through Tuarhievel or fighting through Bjorlangen, where the canny chief is no doubt preparing ambushes even now.
When the large train of refugees arrived at Lemnjohen's old fort, it began to dawn on Dagmar the extent of the conflagration occurring in the Downs. As an old veteran of the downs, Dagmar knew that the Kjarhoelle have been willing to serve larger powers. She does not know who they serve today, perhaps Ghuralli, or even more remote powers such as The Gorgon, the White Witch, the Blood Skull Barony, Lluabraight, or Tuarhievel. The Downs are often a minor theater of intrigue for these neighboring powers. Some members of the Watch had called these speculations "paranoid".
Of late, dread has overtaken Dagmar as she suspects that by staying in the old fort, she is in a trap. Given the possibility that Rhuimach would have been part of such a plot against the Rjurik, Dagmar is not sharing information with the Captain General of Dhoesone. Cooperation with the adventurer-turned-commander of the old fort may well be complicated by the fact that she will suspect any who offer aid. The good news is that Count Ingric's sister, Ingrid Redwolf and Hogrun Njalsson, supreme commander of the Watch, have agreed to come to the aid of the fort. Hogrun does not fully believe Dagmar's assessment of the Kjarhoellen intentions, or their connections to the outside. However, Hogrun may know more than he is letting on.

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