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Henna tattoos are common fashion accessories for girls and women. Children and wives do not commonly sport tattoos. For boys and men, they are uncommon unless the individual serves in the military. For some military traditions allow for warriors to write scripture versus upon their bodies as praise to Avani in battle. In all cases, permanent tattoos are unheard of, as are brands or scarification.

[top]The Yellow Band

There are several small traditions that revolve around thin strips of yellow dyed cloth. Prayers to Avani for good harvest were written on them, and tied around fruit/vegetable trees at the beginning of the season. Wishes and entreaties, particularly around love and marriage, were often tied around the base of the fan-palm at the beginning of spring. If the cloth was broken by the summer solstice, the wish was to be granted. More educated people understand that the fan palm is fast growing, and sufficient growth to sunder the cloth indicates very verdant growth and good fortunes for the farmers. And that tying strips to the trees will help them grow tall and upright early in the season.

[top]Animal Superstitions

In some regions, animals are seen as unable to do anything that is not part of the Avaniahura. Therefore, their actions may predict upcoming events. Here is a sampling:
  • It is considered as ill-omen if a rabbit crosses the path in front of the bridal procession. It is believed that it bodes for an infertile marriage.

  • It is considered as the sign of the displeasure of the dead when owl sings at the eaves of a house.
  • Crows fly around a house is not considered as an omen of future financial failings.

  • When a dog howls during prayers, someone will pass away soon.

  • To kill spiders after nightfall is to invite death during your sleep.

  • If a bird is tapping on your window (sill), good news will be arriving soon.

  • When the excrement of a bird falls on upon your head, it means that you are lucky and will earn money.

[top]Superstitions about the Fey

  • One should not look at mirror at nights, or else find a Fey looking back.

  • Whistle at night, attract a Sprite.

  • Counting stars at night is a challenge to the Elves.

  • If you could pass under a rainbow, you would change your sex.

  • Knocking on wood three times will drive out Fey hiding in it.

  • One should ask permission before passing through a dark place.

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