Hi. I'm one of the contributors to the wiki - I mostly do 'fluff' rather than 'crunch' or the wiki structure but if you have Birthright questions I'll help if I can. Contact me by PM on or email me at

Some rules I've used / thought of using in a home brew campaign to shape it more to my interests.

I prefer a Barbara Hambly approach to wizards in my campaign - and see 'wizards' as inextricably opposed to priests - how does a priest preach divine might when a wizard has powers more miraculous still? Easy, they decry the works of Azrai and Sidhe and all those who embrace them...

Everyone needs a hobby, expanding the random event rules to make a variety of adventure seeds and potential problems/benefits for a Regent's domain was mine for a while.
Houses of the Blood by John Wick had its own domain rules and adventure seeds - I drew up this list based on the random events and adventure seeds. The setting is quite campaign-specific but could be turned around if need be and has some very interesting concepts - it's well worth a look.

So how does your garden grow? A regent's court should be more than just numbers - and far from a dreary DMs chore to churn through actions slowing the pace of seasons to a crawl. This is a very draft hack that I played with briefly.

This is a somewhat over-long look at the psychology of the Sidhe - and why they aren't just humans with pointy ears...

This is a McGuffin quest item with a bit of a difference, the creation cost is however in need of updating.

This is a McGuffin explanation for women's lib in Cerilia and potential ehrsheghlien all in one...

This is a McGuffin explanation for a loyal vassal to suddenly switch sides, an example of an awnie which would use social influence to attack a PC, and so on. Hopefully it's not an indication that the last breakup was bitter...

During a PBEM I played a priest, not something that comes naturally to me, but ce la vie. That meant I needed, on occasion, to have my PC say some prayers, here are some prayers that I adjusted from prayers I found on the net, and a few extra that I came up with. No offense is met to anyone religious through these prayers, but having sweated blood to get into what was, for me, a highly unnatural state of mind, I wanted something tangible to come of it.

I came across Battlefield Mobility And The Soldier's Load by Major William L. Ezell, USMC on the net, and after heavily cutting it down and editing it for my use I wound up with this - a brief comment on soldier's loads to encourage regents to consider logistics - and why soldiers may only carry a few days worth of water, and why a good general negotiates with neutral cities along their route to get supplies constantly.

From an evolutionary viewpoint Varsks should not be an isolated species, I knocked up these beasties to fit some obvious ecological niches in the north of Vosgaard.

As I was reading a book on how plagues have shaped humanity I figured that they had some gameplay possibility, so made a page on them. Any errors are likely mine.

Some comments on medieval justice.

Another book conversion. This is a few pages on various crafts, and hopefully will add some color to peasant NPCs, perhaps indicate the rhythm of the rulers province, etc.

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