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Thoeren's Landing, a small port town and the capital of County of Ghoried, is easily recognizable by its wooden wall around the town and a stone wall around the well-defended Denoered Manor. It has a population of less than 2000 people and is optimized for defense against goblin raids. Several open spaces within the town walls are used for training of town militia, and in case of a siege they are used to gather livestock of farmers and herders who retreat from the farmlands to the town for safety. A communal farm and an orchard within the city walls are intended to increase the time the town can endure under siege.
Aside from being a well-fortified settlement, Thoeren's Landing is also an important river port used to ship timber from the outermost reaches of Spiderfell south to Proudglaive where it is reloaded into land caravans or seagoing vessels.

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