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In the aftermath of a series of hard fought and exhausting wars which ended in the Third Treaty of Ilien, the nobles of Boeruine were discontented. Many nobles courted rebellion as they were angered by the poor performance during the wars, dissatisfied with the peace and its terms, including the provision for a double marriage, and chafing under the high taxes necessary to pay for the wars. Some took to actual armed rebellion against Archduke Donald Boeruine under the leadership of "hotspur" Norvien Tielen, the count of Rivien and one of Donald's key military commanders during the wars.
After the indecisive Battle of Monmouth, Borric Boeruine, the nominal commander of the Archduke's forces, negotiated a truce with the rebels, notably Lord Norvien, Count Ansen Mhoen of Calant and Owen Baccaere of the Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen. Borric swore an oath that he would speedily redress their grievances. Taking the prince at his word, the rebel leaders ordered their armies to disperse. However, as soon as the armies did so, Borric turned back on his word, arrested the leaders, and brought them before the Archduke in chains. He also ordered the fleeing rebel troops to be run down.

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