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[top]A letter from Count Erik

How does one pass the wisdom one has learned over a lifetime in a single letter? I intended to take far longer in your training, but then the intentions of men are rarely respected by the whims of fate.
Suffice it to say that I will be dead by the time you read this letter, poison burns in my veins and no magic of Sera can cleanse my body of it. Publicly it is said that I was wounded in the recent goblin raid, such is not so. I was struck in the back, not in the chest, and no mere goblin arrow could have breached my magic?s, someone, possibly amongst my own guard, is a traitor to the realm or an assassin and their death must be your second priority.
Your first priority must be, as always, the defense of Danigau. My ? now your - faithful general Johann drove the goblin raiders back to a series of caves on the border between Wiergau and Caebstrech, but he cannot hold them there for long. This raid must be swiftly and decisively defeated lest it becomes a full scale invasion ? the goblins have ever been eager to attack those they deem weak and raids such as this are as much to test our defenses as for plunder.
Know this, while I would obviously have preferred to live longer, you are ready for rulership, or I would not have chosen you for it. Katherine will tell you of the people you must know, those people you can trust, those who will try to deceive you, those helpful and those malign.
Trust to your instincts, repay all debts, whether good or ill and remember that you are must always appear resolute - indecision is eternally seen as weakness and will always be punished by one or another of those who would profit by your fall.
Enough, I have one last duty to perform for House Danig and can delay it no longer. Good luck is not necessary, you are Danig and the strength and loyalty of your people is all that you need.
Erik, Count of Danigau

[top]Introduction for the new count to crowds at the gates of castle Blackruft

People of Danigau our beloved Count Erik is dead, the goblins of Urga-Zai have robbed Danigau of its greatest defender. Hail now to (PC name), Count Danigau! The Count is dead, long live the Count! Hearken now to the words of your Count!
Chamberlain Markus Stein

[top]Letter from the Guild

My lord Count, congratulations on your ascension and my deepest condolences; for you, like I, am bereft by the loss of our beloved Count Erik. Know that the Burgundy Tolsted will aid you in whatever many you need.
My guildsmen know well the mood of the people and will do their utmost to ensure that the mineral wealth of Danigau continues to flow; I beg however that you deal with the pirates that have attacked our merchant ships as soon as you have driven the goblins from Caebstrech.
Letter from Ilse Redbedtehr

[top]Missive from the General

Erik, send aid swiftly, my men are sorely pressed, we have trapped the goblins in a series of caves but have not the man-power to exterminate them. You know better than I what will happen if the goblins are not swiftly expunged ? they will fortify, tunnel between the caves to consolidate their forces and thereafter require a major effort to remove. At the very least I need some stalwart blades to sabotage their current activities and weaken their defenses, such folk should of course have talents and drive beyond simple sword-swinging.

Missive from General Johann

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