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Adjacent to many diverse realms, the Blood Skull Barony has been a spear in the side of the Rjurik people since their arrival in the eastern lands of the Rjurik. A rough alliance of orogs and other humanoid tribes, the Blood Skull realm remains under the control of a savage Scarlet Baron, Thrakkazz,a powerful orog monarch. Through the difficulty of holding together so many diverse groups has prevented the baron from expanding influence beyond the realm's current borders, he retains strong control within them and still schemes to expand his influence.

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The Blood Skull Barony is divided by race. Each of the the nine provinces has a mixed population of orogs, gnolls, goblins, fhoimoriens, and similar creatures, but each province has a majority population which largely controls the province. The savage Scarlet Baron does not rule directly, but through each of the chieftains of each race. Thurzimm, Vrallik, and Hrukk are all populated mostly by orogs and are ruled directly by Thrakkazz, though his deputy, the fhoimorien Gleggh, handles day to day administration of Vrallik. Valkith, Sh'kkra, and Shir'kh'an are controlled by gnolls and are ruled by Konesh Yidogh. While the gnolls and orogs basically keep apart from one another, the goblins live everywhere and are a substantial minority in both the orog and gnoll territories. As such the goblins appeal to the Scarlet Baron to protect them from the dominant orogs and gnolls. The Scarlet Baron willingly accepts this dependence, for he seeks to make all the people directly dependent on him. As such he protects the goblins and rules the one goblin province, Angarr, directly. Zakkhur, where Thrakkazz rules form his underground warren of tunnels and halls has no majority population, though orogs and goblins are the most populous. The province of Chur has been awarded to Hekkeg, who is known to the Rjurik as Darkon. Darkon's population is mostly orog and fhoimorien, though goblins are present as well. As a fell necromancer, undead can be expected in the province as well. Rumors tell that Darkon has four dozen ghouls as a personal guard.

Thrakkazz wishes all the disparate races of the Barony to be united under his skull banner. He believes the army is the best institution to bind all to him.

*The gold text is a fun example of how DMs can expand or slightly alter canon material to better fit the needs of their campaigns. According to canon, Darkon is simply known as "Darkon", and suggests it is possible that even that name is false. His rase is officially "unknown" but he has used powerful necromancy in the past to aid Tharkkazz, which suggests Darkon is not Khinasi. Canon states that his bodyguards consists of Minotuars and Ogres. No statistics are given for Darkon, making him a prime candidate for DMs to use however they like in their campaigns. He could be an exiled noble from Anuire or it is equally possible that he could be a Cerilian dragon in disguise. The possibilities are endless.

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