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Yeenoghu is the lord of gnolls.
Yeenoghu appears as a hulking gnoll some 10 feet tall, he bears a great flail in one hand and a whip in the other indicating that he is both a terrible warrior and a taker of slaves - the two most honored professions of the gnolls.
Many Cerilian sages dispute the existence of Yeenoghu, or suggest that he is some ancient awnsheghlien, with the gnolls being his offspring. Others suggest that Yeenoghu was one of the Lost in times past. These sorcerers of Azrai were noted for creating bizarre hybrid monsters and proclaiming themselves master over the brutes. Many scrolls written of the battle of Mount Deismaar suggest that gnolls - or at least gnoll-like beings - were amongst the beast-men of Azrai.
The creed of Yeenoghu is that of "might makes right", that all non-gnolls are prey to be mastered or devoured In most areas they preach that 'civilization' is weakness and that a true warrior needs only their armor, weapons, and such loot as they can carry. However, in the wilds of Vosgaard some gnolls have begun preaching that domination of other races and the forging of a gnoll-civilization is what Yeenoghu truly desires. The greatest of these priests is Ghus Feuerscorn of the Gnoll Fells.
The rare priests of Yeenoghu spend most of their time trying to stop their fractious brethren from fighting each other, picking targets for raids and the like. Fortunately for the humans of Cerilia, their success is at best mixed.
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