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framed|Arms of Arden

Male Anuirean Fighter 5/ Noble 2; CR 7
Consort of Tuor's Hold, Captain of Tuor's Hold
Lineage of Royalty
Major Bloodline of Masela, 32
CG Medium Humanoid

Init +0
Languages Anuirean

AC , touch , flatfooted
Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft
Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)
Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)
Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities
Description: , lbs
Italicize feats and abilities followed by a brief description
framed|Arden Cariele

Typical Dialogue:


Arden Cariele is a scion of the deposed house of Cariele. His father was assassinated by Mheallie Bireon's men during her purge of the old ruling house of the barony. His uncle Berric Cariele was deposed then assassinated. After Baron was dead, Mheallie determined that Berric's brother, and Arden's father, Cedric William Cariele had been invested with Berric's regency and designated his heir. So the Guilder Mhaellie had the Stonecrown Coster agents hunt down Cedric and assassinate him as well.

Cedric's son, Arden was a legitimate claimant, but under the protection of Mhoried. To remove him from that protection, Mheallie devised a plot to scandalize Arden at court. Ruormad Mhoried, the uncle of Daeric Mhoried was Arden's guardian, and Ruormad and his wife, Elaine Isilviere took him into their home. Their daughter, Fiona Mhoried was roughly Arden's age, and Mheallie bribed one of Roumad's household to drug the girl and make it look like Arden was attempting to have his way with her. Arden was tricked into finding the girl and tried to discover what was wrong and to help her, but Mheallie's agent tipped off Ruormad and Arden was discovered with Fiona. Arden was accused of attempted rape and assault of Fiona and sent out of Mhoried.

Arden made for Endier in the hopes that the reach of the Stonecrown Coster did not extend into the home of the Heartlands Outfitters. Arden guessed right. He had lost his pursuers for the time being.

Across the Maesil River lay the province of Tuor's Hold, where the lovely heiress, Jaedime Tuor was arranging balls to find a husband. Arden attended several and over the course of several months, swept Jaedime off her feet. Jaedime dismissed the accusations of Elaine Isilviere and accepted Arden's protestations of innocence. The Isilvieres and the Tuors have long been rivals, and Jaedime was easy to convince that Elaine was wrong and accused an innocent of a terrible crime. By some calculations, Arden was the true heir of Cariele, and his marriage would be a match. They were married the following spring.

Jaedime procured a goblet in Endier that was proof against poisons, and insisted that Arden drink from it alone. Indeed, Mhaellie did try and poison Arden several times, but he always managed to survive the attempts, in part because of Jaedime's efforts and protections. Arden never appeared to pursue the throne to Cariele, and Mheallie stopped sending assassins. No doubt if Arden even hinted at returning to Cariele, the murderers would return.

Jaedime's family has ruled Tuor's Hold since Deismaar, and passed the county from mother to daughter since that time. Arden as consort, made himself useful as a soldier and commander of the units raised by Tuor's Hold. In peace time, Arden commands the castle of Tuor's Hold.

Arden and Jaedime have seven children. Zoe Tuor, the heiress and the others are described as part of the Tuor family.

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